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Soulard's Online Notebook 2009

july 4, 2009
5:09 p.m.
portland, oregon

Updated the radio page for the new radio weekend, one which includes my 200th radio show since moving to SpiritPlants Radio in 2004…wow, is one word for it...also updated the History of Scriptor Press work in progress to include up to 2007…work is proceeding on Cenacle | 69 | June 2009, it should not be as late as the last one…

So here is the second volume of my 2009 online notebooks...I can say that for now I am employed, and writing, and KD is fine, and the world, while still much of it bloody, and too much run by idiots still, is here, and has a chance…planning on more outreach for Scriptor Press even as it is apparent from the downloads of publications here that people are finding it . . .more soon . . .

july 11, 2009
6:45 p.m.
portland, oregon

Updated radio page for this weekend's show . . . still working on Cenacle | 69 | June 2009 . . . it's getting closer but not there yet . . . slowly moving time and energies into Burning Man Books 2009 . . . can't believe it's my 11th year going, 6th year for KD . . . work is going OK, have decided to be kind to myself, from a friend's advice, and not job hunt this summer . . . need some time away from that effort, time to publish and make art and be with KD . . .

july 12, 2009
8:54 p.m.
portland, oregon

Some additional notes here . . . KD has been working to help us keep better track of visitor traffic, and also to improve it over time . . . toward that end a couple of things . . . added to the home page, which is where all the main projects are centrally located, is a "share" button, the purpose of which is to allow visitors to link this site to whatever sites they'd like to recommend it at, FaceBook, MySpace, etc. . . . this button is from, a free and nifty service . . .

Also, we've been using Google Analytics and the services of to track visitor numbers, as well as installing code that will help us keep better count of downloads . . . this is the best effort to get a handle on the ongoing audience for this site, and I think it has and will help . . . it also builds on the site revamp of a few months ago . . . lastly, while Yahoo! Geocities is going away in the fall, we've already signed on to the Yahoo! Small Business service, since it's pretty cheap and looks much better to work with . . . no bandwidth or storage limitations . . . I suppose how I feel about this in the end is: when years ago I decided I'd rather publish my own work, and then those of others, it did not mean that the audience had to be few or none, just that control of production had to be mine, to assure quality and autonomy . . . so that is happening . . .

july 17, 2009
10:33 p.m.
portland, oregon

Tonight updated the radio page and, also, happily, added archives for 7/4/2009 & 7/11/2009 . . . my new vow to add new shows shortly after they are aired . . . also added a mailing link for those who want to get regular updates . . . there will be news of Cenacle | 69 | June 2009 very soon. watch for it!

july 26, 2009
10:38 p.m.
portland, oregon

Long time coming for this announcement but yes, indeed, The Cenacle | 69 | June 2009 is ready to be disseminated.

This issue is chock full of good work for all to enjoy. Its contents include:

* The second part of Christopher Patrick Gose’s “World’s Window,” being his account of his journey to Peru to work with Ayahuasca shamans
* A new letter from Jim Burke III
* G.C. Dillon’s new fiction, “Come Away, O Human Child”
* Ralph H. Emerson’s new linguistics essay, “F is for Flutter”
* Poetry by Joe Ciccone; Judih Haggai; and Galway Kinnell
* My own Many Musics poetry, Why? [a new fixtion], & “Notes from the Northwest” commentary
* Some great new graphics work by Kassandra Soulard

Also, with Yahoo!'s decision to close its free Geocities' offer, KD and I decided to migrate to Yahoo!’s Small Business offering. The move of site files and the update of their code was completed by KD this weekend. The visible evidence of this is that all EL pages’ URLs begin with “” The practical aspect is that previous severe traffic limitations on the site are gone. When you go to get Cenacle 69, you won’t get a “site unavailable” error message.

Another behind-the-scenes improvement is that KD added tracking code to each page of the site, so we can get a better understanding of site traffic.

Lastly, since many of the downloads of the Burning Man Books are done directly, on Google or the like, we've added a page to these books that encourages people to come to this site to see what else they might like.

Our attention now moves along to finishing preparations for our No Borders Free Bookstore project at the Burning Man Arts Festival.

august 1, 2009
1:11 a.m.
portland, oregon

well, then, on the other side of the great site migration, and a hot as hell week in portland, and readying for Burning Man 2009 in just four weeks, here is a post to say the radio page is updated and i seem to be keeping up with getting new shows archived . . . happy news that . . . working on Burning Man Books, on staying cool, on showing up to a cubicle every day . . . i say lately: MAKE THE ART, BANK THE JING . . . and leave it at that . . .

august 8, 2009
12:02 a.m.
portland, oregon

tonight updated the radio page for this weekend's radio show, though I'm running late this time around about adding the most recent show to the archive . . . it will be done soon . . . also this week added my fixtion Why?, which is my most recently finished work . . . the Burning Man Books are coming along, happy to say, swallerin' the summer as usual . . . my payjob keeps paying, which is good in this damned hard time for the jobless . . . working downtown in a grey cubicle not my best idea of a weekday well spent, but sitting on the couch beggering emails is a lot worse . . . in DC, the lunatics are trying to stop national healthcare for reasons nobody can explain . . . summer is a stupid time of the year and 2009's no different . . .

august 15, 2009
12:10 a.m.
portland, oregon

tonight i fixed theMany Musics, Fourth Series page, i'd somehow not done the line breaks in the coding . . . also updated the radio page for this weekend's show . . . working on the 2009 Burning Man Books . . . getting them further along . . . August is a tiring, hard working, creative month for me, always has been, since my youth, since the years when it was a part of summer vacation from school . . . tired but pushing on, and the space that exists by the combustion between the two . . .

august 21, 2009
4:19 p.m.
portland public library
portland, oregon

updated the radio page for this weekend's show and added 8/1/09 and 8/8/09 shows to the archives . . . the countdown to Burning Man 2009 is merely days now . . . next radio show will be on the other side . . . hoping to do a little bit more work on this site before going . . . one political comment: don't be fooled by the corporate jackal asses in the media who say Obama is down and out . . . this fall he is going to show that he is learning all the while how to swing with the best of them . . . i believe this more than most things . . .

august 29, 2009
2:01 a.m.
portland, oregon

here's a very tired entry, just before leaving for Burning Man 2009 in hours...not all I wanted to do, but did add 8.15.09 and 8.22.09 Within's Within to the radio archives...the new Burning Man Books and all the rest are ready to go to the desert and become part of No Borders Free Bookstore...once a year, the physical storefront manifests...been a damned long summer, not enough's to a productive fall of both pen and press...more soon...

9:28 p.m.
bend, oregon

been many months since outside of portland and i sure don’t know how many since this website was worked on and updated outside of portland as well . . . but in any event, en route to Burning Man 2009, but a need to catch up a lot of work . . . and press the fuck forward . . . and added the rest of Many Musics, fourth series, #25-60 to be precise . . . doing this catches this series up to where i’m at, on the cusp of the next series, planning to begin it when i get to Black Rock City, and push it far, and conclude it sometime in middle October, if my plan indeed works . . . good working tonight, KD at our hotel, taking it easy, been a damned hard good summer of work . . . this site got some of that time and effort . . . it continues in september . . .

september 11, 2009
9:28 p.m.
portland, oregon

back to action, new radio show is up for this weekend, and the beginnings of work on Cenacle | 70 | October 2009 . . . and let me say this, in this brief paragraph upon return . . . Obama gave the speech of a lifetime on healthcare the other night, the one he had to make to show everyone, again, who and what he is . . . i was as proud of him as i've ever been, and i've been proud of him a lot . . . so, in sum, the autumn has started, so much work to do!

september 14, 2009
9:37 p.m.
portland, oregon

happiness, time for the annual adding of the new Burning Man Books to the list on this site, the electronic version of No Borders Free Bookstore, whose physical version manifests yearly at Burning Man Arts Festival in Black Rock City Nevada, as it did of course this year, its 11th . . . the new titles include:

#61-Slouching Toward Bethlehem by Joan Didion
#62-The Secret Sharer by Joseph Conrad
#63-Silent Snow, Secret Snow by Conrad Aiken
#64-The Story of Sindbad the Sailor from The Arabian Nights
#65-Fate Is Not What We’re Up Against: An Eleventh Anthology of Writings about Psychedelics
#66-The Long, Perfect Loveliness of Sow: Selected Poetry of Galway Kinnell

this page was recently hit by the StumbleUpon site and over 1000 visits have resulted in the past 72 hours or so . . . what craziness! welcome, newcomers!

september 19, 2009
12:49 a.m.
portland, oregon

updated the radio page for this weekend's show . . . my work this week has mostly been on the Jellicle Literary Guild, time to revive it again . . . the fall/winter meetings will be posted this weekend, is my plan . . . and there will be a meeting, first in ten months, coming in October . . . good to be trying on it again, feeling it has many untapped possibilities . . . if I really try hard enough . . .

september 20, 2009
12:56 a.m.
portland, oregon

tonight KD did a fair amount of minor site renovations . . . these had to do with making each publication repository contain all of its issues . . . the ones she worked on include theRaiBook series, Cenacles, & Samplers . . . She did more major work on the Jellicle Literary Guild portion of the site, updating the picture on the home page (that's our friend Victor reading from Gabriel Garcia Marquez), and posting all six of the 2008 revival meeting links . . . lot of good effort in this . . .

september 25, 2009
11:13 p.m.
portland, oregon

tonight updated the radio page for this weekend's coming show, and added last weekend's show to the archives . . . also added to the Psychedelics page a zip file for the 11 Burning Man Books anthologies of writings about psychedelics, including a table of contents . . . a good addition to that page, and a valuable file of books for certain seekers . . .

september 27, 2009
8:48 p.m.
mcdonald’s, burnside ave
portland, oregon

one more item of note for accomplishments: yesterday KD added to the No Borders Free Bookstore page a strip of pictures of the project from its time at Burning Man 2009 earlier this month . . . these pictures intended to give to casual visitors to that page some idea of what the project is like . . . she also added a link to Burning Man in the page’s title . . .

work for the next month has to do with working on Cenacle | 70 | October 2009, SpiritPlants Radio, this site, and a pending new RaiBook, first in two years . . . this all alongside of the writing I have not done enough of in awhile . . . I can only say that maybe I’ve been waiting for solid ground that will only come in its own time, and that my work cannot continue to wait . . . so onward, now . . .

october 2, 2009
1:26 p.m.
downtown library
portland, oregon

funny, it was only 7 years ago i was sitting at this library, one hour a day online, writing of the hard times of war and joblessness . . . and there is war now, and joblessness, though i am happily not jobless at the moment . . . but here i am, then and now . . . and come future years? no answer to that one, many possibles, uncertainties . . . as for war, I believe we have a good man in the White House now, one who does not relish it, and would see it ended all places than not . . .

continuing, focussing work on Cenacle | 70 | October 2009, and well it's coming along, material is being gathered, I am typing and typing recent days, stands a chance of being a really fine issue . . . also updated the radio page with this weekend's radio show and added last week's show to the archives . . . proud i've been doing that since july and still . . .

october 8, 2009
10:27 p.m.
portland, oregon

tonight updated the radio page for this weekend's coming show . . . working steadily on Cenacle | 70 | October 2009, with hopes to debut it at the first 2009 Jellicle Literary Guild . . . and my job hunt, amid all this publishing work, and efforts of my pen, hath officially commenced . . . blah, and so be it . . .

october 15, 2009
10:41 p.m.
portland, oregon

tonight updated the radio page for this weekend's coming show . . . working steadily on Cenacle | 70 | October 2009 . . . same things I said last Thursday about this time . . . each true, and each, with pay job, defining much of my best waking time these days . . . I've begun keeping a dream journal in recent weeks, it's slow going doing it right, but this weekend I have a lot of Many Musics poems to write, and going to see how my journal note and new poems work together . . .

october 26, 2009
6:49 p.m.
starbucks 19th & burnside aves
portland, oregon

tonight updated the radio page for the 17.october.2009 show . . . and in even bigger news adding the finished Cenacle | 70 | October 2009 to this site . . . it was a long labor, the better part of two months culminating in its finish in time for last weekend's Jellicle Literary Guild meeting . . . contents this issue include:

* Cover art & interior art by AbandonView
* Poetry contributions by Ric Amante, Judih Haggai, and myself
* Artwork by new contributor Catfishrivers
* Ralph H. Emerson's next in a series of linguistics essays
* A new letter by Jim Burke III
* The next part of Christopher Patrick Gose's Peru Journal
* The first part of my new fixtion, Labyrinthine
* My letter to President Barack Obama
* My "Notes from the Northwest" commentary
* The classic short story "Silent Snow, Secret Snow" by Conrad Aiken
* Pictorial graphics by KD and me

It's an issue I sweated some over because the audience for this publication has grown, and I want it to be up to its own level of quality . . . I am continuously proud of this journal, and this new issue keeps to the desired standards . . . more soon . . .

november 7, 2009
12:45 a.m.
portland, oregon

into a new month, and a renewed effort to add fresh content to this site . . . while the radio was on hiatus these past two weekends, i did the work to add six additional shows to the Within's Within radio archives . . . these cover the six shows broadcast in May & June 2009 . . . so the gap of non-archived shows is closed a little bit more . . . this weekend, new radio show information updated, it's back to the radio waves . . .

and slowly into job hunting, as my current contract slowly begins to wind down . . . no end-date in sight but it will not go on forever . . . last weekend KD and I were at the ocean near Tillamook, on the Oregon coast . . . a fine, fine couple of days, in the woods near the Octopus tree, the nearby lighthouse, and on the shore . . . wrote so much!!

november 14, 2009
10:14 p.m.
portland, oregon

Well, deeper into the radio anniversary month, my show's information is uploaded, 6 years ago I revived my show from its 18-month hiatus to move online and try and make that work . . . I had to learn how to do it, to stream internet radio . . . and six years later, and over 200 shows later, here I am, still trying to get it right every week . . . and for the past year helping others try to do the same . . .

As part of my commitment to keep posting new content to this site, Part One of my current fixtion Labyrinthine goes up, culled from Cenacle 70's pages . . . it will be a "work in progress" for years to come, I wager, as is true of Many Musics . . . what makes me happy, though, is that my current work is now represented on this site . . . I am closer to publishing what I've just written than ever . . . making my Art the news to tell at any given hour . . .

And is Obama's health care reform goal really stumbling through Congress, really and truly? Seems so . . . nobody knows what it will look like, but damn if the Man ain't got the rusty halls of governance beginning to move again . . . many don't like it . . . let them fucking squirm, I say . . .

november 22, 2009
2:54 a.m.
portland, oregon

Updated radio page the other night and not much else, this is the 6th anniversary of my show and of SpiritPlants Radio . . . it's quite a dedication of time and energy to make it happen, but there are a lot of people who benefit from it happening, and if this isn't some measure of success not in dollars and cents, then . . . but it is, so no lingual games . . . I'm glad the radio exists, I do what I can to make it good . . . whatever comes sooner or later, it made it this far upright and proud . . .

december 5, 2009
12:24 a.m.
portland, oregon

update radio page for my weekend show . . . not enough time to do more, but sometimes it's needed to just trudge along . . . this week Obama announced an escalation of troops in Afghanistan, & I can't say I'm happy for this, but I've chosen to continue to support him through this situation . . . I wish I felt better about this . . . I don't believe he has a choice . . . and I really wonder if the progressive movement can oppose his decision in the long run . . .

december 10, 2009
9:39 p.m.
portland, oregon

update radio page for my weekend show . . . also on the radio page added the three show archives for April 2009 . . . bringing closer the eventual goal of a complete radio archives a years-long project, but ever closer. . .

moreover, added Many Musics, Fifth Series, #1-30, renewing my promise to keep on & keep on adding new content to the website . . . there will be more poems added again soon . . . i'm guessing there will be one more post before end of the year . . .

december 18, 2009
1:11 p.m.
downtown library
portland, oregon

updated the radio page to include the last 2009 Within's Within . . . I am happy to have completed another year of them, 36 in all . . . soon the 11th anniversary show will be broadcast . . . wow . . . but for now to get a little break from my show, and the station is going to have three weekends of 2009 Year in Review . . . it's not that the ideas are running out, just the need for re-fuel, time for perspective . . .

time also to for finishing Cenacle | 71 | December 2009 . . . it's close, goal to have it done by tomorrow night, when 21st anniversary Jellicle Guild meeting occurs . . . wow to that too . . . should be another good issue

the war over healthcare reforn is fierce in DC right now . . . and there is a doubt toward Obama that he has not addressed yet . . . a wondering if he will do as he said he would, and battle to the end . . . to be honest, I don't know right now what to think . . . I really don't . . . there will be another entry before 2009's conclusion, a few days from now I expect . . .

december 29, 2009
11:53 p.m.
portland, oregon

On the far edge of this departing decade comes the announcement of Cenacle | 71 | December 2009. You will notice there is a pictorial theme running though this issue; KD and I went to the Oregon coast at the end of October, and took a lot of pictures of forest, sea, and sky. Some of them came out pretty well too; we included the best of the lot in this issue. The issue also includes:

* Poetry contributions by Ric Amante, Judih Haggai, and myself
* The final section of Christopher Patrick Gose's Peru Journal
* The second part of my new fixtion, Labyrinthine
* The classic short story "The Secret Sharer" by Joseph Conrad

It's a good issue to conclude Scriptor Press's first full decade at work...helluva decade to live through, yet already much of the world has crossed over into the next...I believe there are a lot of good days ahead...I think I can't help but believe this, else why keep trying so hard? in any event, this is the last post for this notebook and onto the new year with heads held high and hearts hopeful....


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