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Soulard's Online Notebook 2009

january 10, 2009
10:41 p.m.
portland, oregon

Welcome to the ElectroLounge circa 2009! Just 10 days from getting rid of George W. Bush from the US and essentially the world, and getting President Obama into place for the huge climb back up to economic daylight, and for people to start really hoping again...

Just updated radio page for this weekend's show, now a part of a solid weekend of programming on SpiritPlants Radio, which will expand in scope and audience in 2009, if all goes well...this year I have all sorts of ideas for Scriptor Press, and I hope that at least some of them come to pass...will be a question of fidelity to self and collaboration with the well that goes...

january 20, 2009
2:45 p.m.
starbux 23rd & burnside
portland, oregon

updated radio page for show last weekend...and as I write, the world is celebrating the inauguration of President Barack Obama...the world has been fucked over for 8 years, and good will is low...choose hope over fear, he says...we'll see how many do and what comes of it...

january 25, 2009
12:09 a.m.
portland, oregon

updated the radio page yesterday but didn't get to this notebook til tonight...Barack Obama is President, he's already gotten down to work, closing the Gitmo prison, ending CIA torture tactics, endorsing Roe v Wade as the right law of the land...working on the economy, and I am following his post-partisan views down the line with him, hoping that DC does not decide it likes business as usual better after all...Obama gave a magnificent inaugural speech this week and has not stopped working since...things are bad, it's a long road, i'm close to praying those slow establishment bastards will get on the fucking boat with him so we can all sail somewhere better...

february 3, 2009
8:37 p.m.
portland, oregon

updated radio page, this past weekend was my show's 10th anniversary, it was fun...strange passage from then to now...thinking of putting up archives of new broadcasts shortly after they occur, and continuing to work on the older ones as contract job is going ok, through march if i remain, i'm also working on getting a really good managing editor job, though right now the funding for the journal is still being sought...and fuck FUCK FUCK the bastards in DC who are trying to keep Obama from helping the country in this very bad time...i pray he is strong enough and tough enough to prevail...

february 23, 2009
10:35 p.m.
portland, oregon

overdue update to radio page schedule, and here is the skinny on this month: i have a contract job that ends at the close of march, while the country is in the midst of a deep deep depression, one obama is working hard as fuck to pull us out w bush caused it, and he is nowhere to be seen, when many would like to see him on trial and in jail...spiritplants radio and scriptor press sampler | 10 | 2008 annual take up much of my best energies right now while fixtion and poetry take the rest...i'm often tired, ranged between work and waste, trying to use the latter as fuel for the former when i am able...this website gets too few serious updates of late, but then again, it new projects finish, it will...jan/feb are not peak months of publishing production for scriptor press, but working on those two above has been good...hopeful much to be added here in the next week or so...i watch obama's work unfold every day and urge myself and everyone else to hang on, and believe better days are being built right now, from the shit comes the fertilizer for the fruits to grow...yes we can...

february 26, 2009
11:51 a.m.
portland, oregon

getting the radio page here updated ahead of time this week, part of pushing SpiritPlants Radio to places it has not been before, its prominence in my press work has grown a lot recently, and I think that's a good thing...the other press projects will accommodate it, and grow from its presence...

this week President Obama gave one barnburner of a speech about how he intends to get this country back on track and help its poorest and most vulnerable individuals...and he knows that the motherfuckers polluting DC with their presence will try to stand in his way...but, frankly, they don't stand a chance in hell of beating him...for his will is ours, and our convictions and needs will win the days to come...this, i truly believe, stronger and more vulnerable for this belief...but i do indeed...

march 6, 2009
1:36 p.m.
starbucks 23rd & burnside
portland, oregon

radio page is updated for this weekend's show...funny, how spiritplants radio has become such a big project for me, but the good news is the station is prospering, and my own radio show, up to 300 shows as of this, huh?

this morning i was laid off from the shitty but paying contract job i'd had since december...with the US jobless rate at 8.1 percent, highest in decades, i'm joining a growing mass...i'm pretty numb about all this right now...trudge the fuck on...trudge...the...fuck...on...

march 13, 2009
4:07 p.m.
starbucks 23rd & burnside
portland, oregon

this afternoon updated the radio page, after spending the whole week job hunting...not down as usual, really ripping into what i can do with this, how i can make a better life but engaging strongly, reaching out...this is an interesting, strangely hopeful time...i believe obama is leading the new way...choose hope, make a plan, get to work...i can't be jobless for long, but i can say that at this moment, today, recently, i feel positive...i am doing my best more of the's good...

march 27, 2009
11:24 p.m.
portland, oregon

tonight added radio show information for this weekend...i've been job hunting for days now, nibbles & nothings so is friday night, i'm tired of the hunt for now...this website is going to get a major revamp in a few days, led by KD's will be good...hope comes in myriad forms, and must often be summoned again and again before it comes...

april 4, 2009
10:03 p.m.
coffee time coffeehouse
portland, oregon

writing to say that the 11th anniversary of this site came this past week, and what is true for those few who have seen it is the complete re-vamp of the site from a text link based design to a graphic link based design . . . the splash page leads to the rest . . . "Dance at Bougival" is still first to be seen, the rest that follows is new . . . KD learned Dreamweaver to do this design . . . it's very nice, and I am very proud of her for doing it . . . haven't formally announced it yet cuz I'm still cleaning up a lot of dirty code . . . also updated radio page for this weekend's show, and there is more coming on that page too, a slew of newly archived shows . . .

long week of job hunting, of nibbles that may go nowhere but have to be chased honestly for sure . . . four days into april and I was working on radio, publishing, and website . . . not pen . . . I get cantankerous after a point on all this . . . so after this post goes up, I'm going for my beautiful pens and notebooks . . . more very soon . . .

april 6, 2009
2:04 p.m.
anna bannanas coffeehouse
portland, oregon

well, here is a jobhunting Monday but I have spent part of it finishing the final bits of this website's 11th anniversary elaborate on the previous entry a bit, KD has asked for awhile about redesigning the site, so finally I said to her, by way of challenge, do it, redesign it...

so she took this challenge in hand and learned Dreamweaver and pushed along in the process, with my assistance...soon we had a splash page that preserved the main part of the old front page, but detached the links that had scrolled below the Bougival picture . . . those links of books and publications were joined to their covers and given a separate page, a Table of Contents...KD used a piece of the most recent Cenacle cover for the image at the top of the new page, and then partitioned each Scriptor Press project on the page...the left side bar contains links to my Notebooks, fixtion, and poetry; the right side bar contains links to pages of external recommended sites...down below is the guest book, the visitor counter, and the copyright and contact information...essentially, it's the same site, same content, but very different look...I finished a lengthy scrub of various old and wrong code and link names just today...early feedback on the new design has been pretty positive...

but there's more's taken too long but finally 9 more shows are added to the radio page archives: 1/6/07; 1/13/07; 1/20/07; 1/27/07; 2/3/07; 2/17/07; 2/24/07; 3/10/07; and 3/17/07...hoping, and intending, that more archives get up at a better rate hereon . . .

and still more news: Scriptor Press Sampler | 10 | 2008 Annual is finished and posted on that spiffy new Table of Contents...this issue features prose by David Hartley, Ralph H. Emerson, and Jim Burke III; poetry by Joe Ciccone, Ric Amante, Judih Haggai, Michael Van Kleeck, Daniel Schroyer, and myself; fictions by G.C. Dillon and myself; and graphic artwork by Nemo Boko, Gwyllm Llwydd, Emma Page, Victor Vanek, Michael Van Kleeck, and KD and took three months to put it together but I am very proud of the results . . .

it's be a rough month or so trying to find a job...nothing much to tell yet...just sending out resumes, talking to recruiters...networking with people locally for what that's worth...I am trying not to get depressed, and I am bolstered by Obama's many efforts to get things going better again...he just needs time, and he's doing fantastic...but I need a job...for the money, for feeling of doing my part, especially now when there are so many possibilities about...i look toward my birthday month's end as a current goal...

april 11, 2009
1:24 a.m.
portland, oregon

back at least for tonight to updating the radio page, with this additional note: since the radio page is a component in promoting both my show and SpiritPlants Radio as a whole, updating it in a timely way is more crucial than it used to be...

here's the hope i enter this weekend with: i have a job interview, first in over a month of looking, on monday is a job in the downtown, i believe i would be good at it, my recruiter has put me forward as the most promising there is where things stand now...this hope i carry along til monday and what may come of it...more soon...

april 23, 2009
10:51 p.m.
portland, oregon

tonight updated the radio page...other than that, i've been working on Cenacle | 68 | April 2009...lots of work, being done while i've been job hunting...that last effort is concluding, probably by my birthday at month's end of DC a lot of weird stuff going on regarding what to do with how sick the Bush* administration got with torture...i think President Obama would be well advised to let the investigations go on...people want justice for the evil acts done in the country's name...this isn't going to go away easily or soon...

may 2, 2009
10:01 a.m.
portland, oregon

this morning updated the radio time has been spent job hunting and working on The Cenacle | 68 | April 2009...regarding the former, I can say that I have crossed the line into employment but there are questions unresolved at this point...regarding the latter, it is one big piece of writing and a lot of proofreading and editing away, I'd guess the next few days will see it finish up, late but a good one...

brief site note: geocities web hosting is ending later this year, that makes me sad as i've been using it for this site since 2001...lotta blood under the bridge in that time...when i know the date, i'll put into place contingency plans but not until then...

i have a feeling next posting here will have much more clarity to a few important things...for now, i'm working on it...

may 8, 2009
3:54 p.m.
starbux 23rd ave & burnside
portland, oregon

updated the radio page this afternoon at this Starbux that I've spent a lot of time at over the past year and a half, often working on the clock for some remote job...i don't think i'll be here on friday afternoons again for awhile so it's bittersweet...soon to be employed, though, which is the fine thing...

The Cenacle | 68 | April 2009 is down to its proofreading and editing stage...I wrote a lot for it this time around and that delayed its timely publication...It's a good issue for all my grumbling...Oh, lastly, KD and I have been studying the traffic to this site with a little better focus lately, with mind toward increasing it over time...more soon...

may 29, 2009
11:12 p.m.
portland, oregon

Well, here's a chance to share some news, awhile in getting here to tell...started new tech writer contract in downtown, two weeks in, it looks to be an OK affair to get us by for now and awhile...only six months, but better than the dole...and sometimes the little steps forward are what one has to take...

updated the radio page here...SpiritPlants Radio was down for over a week, with technical issues just resolved today, will be good to be back doing my show tomorrow morning...and, oh, yah, The Cenacle | 68 | April 2009 is not done but in the final stages of layout...could it be it's finally near its month-late finish?...could be...

june 2, 2009
1:26 p.m.
downtown public library
portland, oregon

finally, i can report that The Cenacle | 68 | April 2009 is online at this site and ready for the world to take a look, or however many wish to...this issue, so difficult in the birthing, is an especially good one...three new contributors have work in its pages, along with a half dozen or so veteran contributors...its contents include:

• Full color front cover art by new contributor AbandonView
• “World’s Window: Ruminations Entheonautic & Otherwise, Being an Account of My Travels in the New World” by new contributor Christopher Patric Gose
• New fictions by G.C. Dillon, myself., & new contributor Susan Jones
• New poetry by Ric Amante, Judih Haggai, & myself
• New prose by Ralph H. Emerson
• Classic fiction by Fyodor Dostoevsky
• A new chapter in my “Secret Joy Amongst These Times: the History of Scriptor Press”
• My new “Notes from the Northwest”

Enjoy this new issue...and here’s to the nascent sense of optimism & renewal in the air, to bucking the decade-long darkness that we’ve nearly gotten used to. Here’s to more of us using whatever good sense & tools we have to hand to dig from recent deep holes, find the sun, find the stars, breathe freer & easier...more soon...

june 5, 2009
8:00 p.m.
coffee time coffeehouse
portland, oregon

long week at new job, have to get to an office at 8 in the morning, sit all day in a dull, grey place, tired at night and not much time to work or to be with KD...but the fucker pays well and the jobless rate is over 9 percent right if i'm going to whore it for a few months, might as well get paid decently...that bitched out, i'll add i updated the radio page for this weekend...the long picture is always the best one to keep in mind...heh...

june 12, 2009
10:32 p.m.
portland, oregon

updated the radio page...long damned work week, glad to be done...tiring getting up to get to work at 8 am every morning, work in a grey, dull office...yet i'm working and many are not...i don't have a lot else to say tonight but keep trudging and the light is often not far off...

june 20, 2009
12:13 a.m.
portland, oregon

updated radio page, working on next Cenacle with a tight job is not the most appealing, in truth, but with 10 percent unemployment in Oregon currently, I can only complain so much without seeming like an asshole in my own eyes...still, i want to find something better, and it's out there somewhere...mulling on it is nothing with breaking into action soon...

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