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Soulard's Online Notebook 2007

january 8, 2007
7:09 p.m.
aurifice internet cafe
seattle, washington

lots of site clean-up, the usual beginning of the year housekeeping, the ElectroLounge is entering its tenth calendar year, what a strange thing to be, the 'net to me seems forever young, younger than young, yet it centrally occupies Western, if not world,'s helping to topple a rotten president who would be king if he could learn how to snap his buckles...alas for him...

anyway, updated radio page for last weekend's show, first of the new year, soon to be adding a heap of new radio archives to that page...updated the psychedelic links page, the archived Soulard's notesbooks page, the main page, & of course this page is new too...

i've pledged toward more Art & better health this year, i believe i am trying with both already, though clumsy at a way no choice on either, i subsist largely by their prospering...

the new Congress has begun its session this week, & early signs look to domestic responsibility, institutional reform, and maybe some backbone in opposing the Chief Bastard in his plan to escalate troop numbers in Iraq, kill & Kill & KILL, and HIS RICH DOG BASTARD CABAL HEAPS IN THE MILLIONS...fuck, this war has to end, nobody supports it anymore...we'll see...the Congress can cut funding or turn tail and take it up the ass like they have...if the Democrats back down, if they do that despite the peace mandate we gave them, they are history in 2008, and I think, beyond whatever moral spine any of them have, this drives them toward their confrontation with Bush* most of all...welcome to a new year, hoping not same as the old year...

january 12, 2007
2:30 p.m.
seattle public libarry
seattle, washington

well, lookee, lookee, updated site's radio page in advance of this weekend's radio show, how bout them apples...better mood for the moment feeling like the next issue of The Cenacle may actually come to be, so all projects benefit in a timely sense...

while the new Congress passes legislation to increase the minimum wage, fund stem cell research, fight internal corruption, help the elderly with their medicine bills, the foolish flailing King demands more young bodies be sent to his evilly pathetic occupation, more deaths are to come, more grieving families, more lives sacrificed to a War nobody wants anymore...yet we haven't stopped it, the lunatic has not been stopped, and his oil allies are set to take virtually all of Iraq's oil profits for decades to come...

argument time about this war, like that about global warming, is is now just a BAD thing that has not stopped feels it is coming closer to that time, but tell the families who will be losing sons and daughters in the meantime, be they American or Iraqi, tell that to anyone with a heart's sympathy for lost youth, lost won't end well, it will at best simply end sooner than later...

january 24, 2007
6:57 p.m.
seattle public libary
seattle, washington

rather late update of last weekend's radio show...working on the magazine, hours & hours, when not writing much or at the wheel for bread...not a lot to tell this week, though everyone found the King's latest plea funny & pathetic both...all he is give war a chance... foot is healed after some weeks in a boot cast...very sweet to be walking on my own two sneakered feet!...more soon...

january 26, 2007
2:50 p.m.
seattle public libary
seattle, washington

updated radio page on time this week, doing all I can to make 2007 a year of hard work and feeling better, this isn't easy, not for anyone...the hard hours mix with the joyous ones, and one has to catch both with open hands and...

february 15, 2007
3:18 p.m.
seattle public libary
seattle, washington

days n days no sign of life at this site then pop up and update radio page...what's really going on is that i am pushing like sisyphus to get Cenacle 60 done, and that's tonight, and also tonight I begin working on my 75 day long Big Push, from here to April 30 so many projects are going to get their hours and more action to come, rapidly...

the US Congress is finally doing its Constitutional duty and shoving back the little King in his efforts to colonize the planet, the work began last November when the elections brought a wave of dissent to the capitol, now that wave is getting down to the business of getting us out of this ugly nightmare of a war, and the recent American bully-the-world place in things...

it will be ugly, there's that word again, the King and his Masters will not let go easily, and the shove will come a few inches at a time, but, Mr. King, your glory days are over, so fucking beautifully all lunatics who take the crown and call themselves God, you aren't, and day by day you will learn what not being God means...the basic problem of humanity (how to live, how to live, how to live and why) will not be solved, but at least fewer will die needlessly in near future times...

9:02 p.m.
Online Coffeehouse
Olive Way
Seattle, Washington

Big Push has begun, oh yah...newly on this site is The Cenacle | 60 | December 2006...featuring great poetry by Judih Haggai & Ric Amante...reprinted works by Jim DeRogatis and E.E. Cummings...and enough of my work to satisfy any and every obsessive stalker, if I had any, took me months to make this one, with Kassi's help at crucial times too, and now it's done, and now it's time to pimp it to da world!

february 17, 2007
12:03 a.m.
seattle, washington

tonight updated the radio page for this coming weekeng, part of the Big Push under way to get a lot of projects done...I'm sick with a cold tonight, so I'm writing this entry in a Nyquil fog...heheh...nonetheless, more work results are coming soon...

february 20, 2007
10:16 p.m.
seattle, washington

tonight updated History of Scriptor Press on the site tonight, another little piece in my Big Push from now to april 30...i have a list of things that want to be done in that time...i was reading that history today, thinking of who i've been since i began writing it in 1999...years of struggle, at times only Art, i wish i had seen there was Art, yes, but more too, even on the worst days...

february 21, 2007
10:56 p.m.
seattle, washington

tonight added Many Musics #25-36, I'm going to add a new dozen a week of these poems til I am caught up to where the newest one is, that should take some weeks, but it will happen...

looking at the lack of real action on the War from the U.S. Congress has made me doubtful and scared lately, are we really going to get out of this mess or is attack on Iran next? nobody knows right now, but I can say I'm not alone in wondering if the change of leadership in Congress is going to have any effect...many say be hopeful, but I am waiting for action...millions are...

march 8, 2007
7:33 p.m.
Starbucks at Olive Way
seattle, washington

tonight updating radio page on time, soon going to be adding a half dozen shows to the site's radio archives, it's been a Big Push lately, that is my project, it encompasses both my pen & press, arcing toward the end of April to get so much work done...

Underway, aside from the radio archive project, is Cenacle | 61 | April 2007, Scriptor Press Sampler | 8 | 2006 Annual, the six 2007 titles for the Burning Man Books series, and, no kidding, five years in the making, and non-making, my second book of poetry, entitled Resurrection, Now...I'm not sure if I've ever even discussed this book in these notebooks...nearly ten years ago now, my first book, Orpheus & Eurydice: Making the Lyre, was published by Scriptor Press...the follow-up has been conceptually and circumstantially it's coming, the work on it has resumed and the impediments are gone or not sufficient to unrail this I've been writing pages and pages of fixtion and poetry...and working the dayjob and beloving KD...

The anger I expressed in the last entry I think was that of millions tired of the lousy King and his horrific disasters, one, the next, Walter Reed, Scooter Libby, bring on the next, what worse? We'll any event, the Democrats in Congress as of today have declared the verbal bloodbath on as both houses announced Iraq withdrawal timetables...I'm pleased on this, and yet going to watch and participate as I can...Bush and pals will not relinquish a dollar or a dollop of power without ugliness for all...we'll see...hope...we'll see...

march 20, 2007
6:13 p.m.
Seattle Public Library downtown
seattle, washington

Tonight a small, usual addition, and a much larger one too...updated radio page for last weekend's show, next broadcast will be first weekend of April, more on way added the remainder of the first series of Many Musics, so now poems 1-60 are all posted...I'm about a dozen and a half into the second series, so this brings this site closer to updated...exciting in this time of pushing many projects along to see some results and tell of them...

The work on half dozen Scriptor Press projects continues, arcing toward the end of April...I work on several every single day of the week, only hope that my goal or most of it will be's fun, to see this goal ahead in weeks and be pushing for it, moment by moment...

So now it's the district attorneys scandal for the Little King and his Court of Thugs...the Democrats are sharks in bloody water, it's good to watch...yesterday I marched in a peace demonstration through the streets of downtown Seattle, not been out protesting since Feb 2003, it was rousing and inspiring to keep daily blows against the's crumbling, lovely, and hopeful bit by bit that one day the U.S. will re-join the world of states it was once part of, once inspired by its better deeds...

april 12, 2007
7:14 p.m.
Cafe Faire
Seattle, Washington

tonight updated site for last weekend's radio page is about to receive three months' worth of new shows for its archives, but not quite yet...

this website's 9th anniversary came & went recently...hardly seems possible so many years, and at the same address since september 2001...i think it's come a long way from its origins but i am planning on doing so much more with it in time...more content...more connections with the rest of the web...

newest scandal in DC involves Bush minions and secret emails, sort of a cyberage version of the Watergate tapes...we wonder when it's going to end, when this major league fruit loop and his loopy crowd are going to just fucking leave, when the War is going to end, long after anyone wants it...when? i wonder if Bush's fall is going to continue as it is now, a slow diminishment of power, of aura, of the illusion of competence...waiting for him to be brought down, maybe, ignores what is happening now...the king is nekkid, people are pointing, laughing, jeering...

april 18, 2007
10:16 p.m.
Seattle, Washington

tonight added update to last week's radio program, keeping up best I can...been working on way much bulking up the radio archives...quite a few will be posted this weekend I'm hoping...

it's funny right now i've taken some cold meds and i'm in a buzzy loop...more soon...

april 20, 2007
8:37 p.m.
Bauhaus Books & Coffee
Seattle, Washington

tonight updated the radio page, on time first in awhile...nearing the end of Scriptor Press's Big Push, begun in many projects are coming to a climax in the next ten days...

quite a week in DC, seeing the Attorney General hum and haw and look like a clown in front of Congressional questioners...still, the War goes on, nothing should make anyone forget that, the War goes on tonight...

april 22, 2007
6:50 p.m.
Seattle, Washington

it seems like such a little thing, but the work and time that went into it was so big, anyway, here goes, added 9 new archived shows to the Within's Within radio page...these shows include: 6-4-2005, 6-11-2005, 6-18-2005, 6-25-2007, 7-16-2005, 7-23-2005, 8-13-2005, 8-20-2005, & 8-27-2005...even more archived shows are in the works...the Big Push near its end, April 30, & the fruit is riping...

lately I've been working days and night ceaseless, whether it's the payjob M-F 9-5 or the evenings and weekends with pen and press...last night we were at a local coffee joint and I wrote for hours, it was high and feverish and wonderful...there was another night, Thursday, I sat at a fast food joint in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, my old stomping grounds, and wrote and read hours again...a book lately called Yeats's Ghosts, what a strange, seeking man...

may 10, 2007
2:39 p.m.
Seattle Public Library-Downtown
Seattle, Washington

this entry simply to note updating radio page to include last weekend's show...a major number of additions are coming in the next few days, finally...I've been working on, since last entry, and lots of good stuff is done or about to be done...gonna need several hours' work here just to get it all in place...heh...

the little king's war, wrongly made, poorly administrated, deeply flawed no matter the angle viewed, sickly deadly to thousands, is cracking apart as the jackals in DC feel the next cycle of elections coming upon them, so feared for their fatass seats, they will abandon the Boy Loon as quickly as they ran to his side when his words mesmered's sick and funny and speaks to the worst in human nature to rush toward shiny objects, and flee when these same objects dim, lose their novel glimmer...

may 11, 2007
8:59 p.m.
Caffe Vita
Seattle, Washington

updating the radio page for this weekend's coming radio show, just a short entry before the big one to come, it's been a long time, I don't know ever have I been pending adding so much new content to this site...another bit of news is that last night KD & I ordered a color laser printer, they are mad cheaper than they used to be...will be utterly useful having a duplex function for printing both sides of a page, and the color will mean the possibility of color covers...whoot!!...more very soon...

may 16, 2007
10:51 p.m.
Seattle, Washington

done...thirteen weeks at this and it's much to tell of...this Big Push has chewed my life whole for 91 days but now here is its happy conclusion...below what is new added to this site:

The Cenacle | 61 | April 2007, 12th anniversary issue features original writing by Ric Amante, G.C. Dillon, Judih usual heap of poetry, fixtion, and prose...a reprinted story by Raymond Carver, and a reprinted excerpt from a book about the psychedelic outlaws The Brotherhood of Eternal by me and Kassi to boot...

Scriptor Press Sampler | 8 | 2006 Annual features the best prose, poetry, and graphics from last year's publications, including work by Haggai, Amante, Burke, Dillon, & newcomer George Dorn. Of course my poetry & fixtion, and graphics by Kassi & me...

The "Within's Within: Scenes from the Psychedelic Revolution" radio archives have been greatly expanded to include broadcasts from: 9/10/05; 9/17/05; 9/24/05; 10/8/05; 10/15/05; 10/22/05; 11/5/05; 11/12/05; 11/26/05; 12/10/05; 12/17/05; & 12/24/05...

Also expanded is my Many Musics poems posted here, to a second series of the poems, 30 so far of anticipated 60 in that series...I'll be posting them more frequently from now on...

Some good work has been done toward the Burning Man Books series as well...over the course of the past 13 weeks, Kassi has been reviewing all 48 titles from 1999-2006, with an eye to fix the various formatting and grammatical errors they have...I have also worked up rough manuscripts for the six 2007 titles, including works by Sherwood Anderson, Czeslaw Milosz, Joyce Carol Oates, Joseph Campbell, Plato, and a 9th volume of writings on psychedelics...good stuff!

Lastly, saved for last because this project has been dormant for three years, & the new entry in its series has been half-made since at least 2002 when I lived in Portland...I have a copy of what this book might have looked like back then...pleasure to tell that my book of late '90s poems, Resurrection, Now, is finally finished, & with unending thanks & credit to my beloved's the sixth book in the RaiBooks series, & I vow no such great gap of time shall pass before the next volume...

13 weeks & a damned lot of work...a more general announcement will be going out tomorrow, but it's all here now, all of these works, & tired & proud, & a day or two to new romance my pen, & then on to the next!

may 23, 2007
1:33 p.m.
Seattle, Washington

back to less larger-than-life entries...updated last weekend's radio Big Push has begun, to include a few days before Burning Man 2007...just begun the steps toward all sorts of new projects...

all sorts of evil shit going on in DC, it seems the end to the War is coming but bloody, bloody slow...

may 26, 2007
6:44 p.m.
Online Cafe@14th St.
Seattle, Washington

the radio archive is now active finally...some server issues had to be worked out...en route to purchasing as a domain site...pretty cool, I'd say...thanks to Alfie Ilkins, my partner in crime in doing this...already working on new projects, Next Push...never ends, so it seems...

may 28, 2007
5:51 p.m.
Seattle, Washington

today, aside from restoring the link on the main page to the History of Scriptor Press, I am really happy to announce that this site is accessible at my UK friend Alfie helped me to make this happen and hats off to him...he and I had discussed and agreed that it could be no easier for anyone to find this site than to type it into their search's a good day for having done this...

june 1, 2007
2:52 p.m.
Downtown Library
Seattle, Washington

This afternoon updated the radio page for this weekend's upcoming show, these small updates will be all that happens on this site for awhile, there are new projects in production, but none near to being ready...the summer has begun its long slog, there's lots of bitterness and shouting over the Occupation, but nothing is going to happen new for some weeks...the status quo seems to reign, but that is just a passing illusion...

june 17, 2007
11:04 p.m.
Seattle, Washington

Tonight updated this last weekend's radio show...most of our energy right now is devoting to making the next issue of The Cenacle & preparing for the Portland Zine Expo and Burning Man 2007, both in August...meanwhile the Occupation goes on, the chances of anything good coming from it are long gone, & I am suspecting a lot of people around the country are talking about hitting the streets again & again in the coming months...count on it...

june 28, 2007
9:29 p.m.
Seattle, Washington

Tonight days late updated last weekend's radio show, behind on that as usual...KD & I are working on the 2007 Burning Man Books, as well as correcting errors in the 1999-2006 titles...meanwhile, in DC, there's noise & blather, signifying nothing in terms of the Occupation...ever wonder if any of those bastards REALLY gives a damn about the suffering in Iraq, the US, or anywhere else?

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