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Soulard's Online Notebook 2007

july 20, 2007
8:45 a.m.
Seattle, Washington

updated last radio show from some days ago, the politics in DC is getting hotter than ever, and our preparations for Burning Man are owning my life right now...whoopeee!

july 27, 2007
11:26 a.m.
Seattle, Washington

It seems to become rote of late that I post about weekly to say that I've updated the most recent radio show...I've been buried in the Burning Man Books 2007 project, KD & I both...also delayed is the June issue of The beloved MacBook Pro Eurydice needed repairing, took a week...planning and hoping that some things are going to be accomplished soon...working perpetually in a trudge becomes tiring...but it will pass...

Can't let this entry conclude before doing a little verbal dance over the way the Bush* crime family is imploding day by day in of impeachment runs over the land, & they are getting nothing done's frustrating beyond believe that the Occupation goes on, & funding for univeral health insurancce & stem cell research & student loans is slowed, but the country is a big ship, & turning it away from the nightmare course these monsters set it on is a slow accomplishment...

One last thing...time for the second page of this year's notebook to get created, overdue, in it exists :)

july 31, 2007
11:15 a.m.
Municipal Courthouse
Seattle, Washington

Just updated radio page, live from serving jury duty in downtown Seattle...a couple of days off from work, needed, time of payjob transition, and efforts to improve my lot concerning it...nearing is the time that KD and I move to Portland, Oregon, working out the details of making that happen...looks like it might end up being about 5 years from the first autumn I lived there...

The Occupation goes on, and the bastards pushing it are not going to let it end quickly if they can help it, making too much money from it...the Congress is about to go on vacation...when they return in September it's looking like a firestorm will hit...we'll just see then what happens...I have to be hopeful about all of this...

august 9, 2007
10:31 p.m.
Seattle, Washington

updated radio page for last weekend's show...certainly the updates to this site in recent months have been rudimentary, but in the anticipation of a lot of content additions soon...

going for a third year to the Portland Zine Expo this weekend...Scriptor Press representin'...hehe...

august 17, 2007
4:48 p.m.
Seattle, Washington

updated this weekend's radio show page, there will be a show hiatus after this one until September 15...KD and I are in our final days of preparing for Burning Man fest, lots of new books, lots of printing, our apartment is filling with piles...should be fun, my 9th year going...unbelievable...

I've gotten a new job, beginning after we get back from Burning Man...we'll be moving down to Portland at the beginning of return there after five years living various other's exciting to be going back there, and starting a new job...

september 18, 2007
10:57 p.m.
Seattle, Washington

Burning Man 2007 was intense, there were dust storms plenty, someone burned the Man and ran, then it was rebuilt and burned proper again...we handed out over 1000 Burning Man Books and made lots of new, if briefly known friends...

Come back to Seattle to pack even while I adjust to working by telecommuting...our apartment is ready in Portland, we move there in a week or so...big doings, big plans...ready to try PDX again, and I hope make it stick this time...oh, and updated radio page for last weekend's show too, amidst all this news...

october 5, 2007
12:00 p.m.
Portland, Oregon

updated the radio show page for the last broadcast in Seattle two weekends ago...arrived back in Portland, Oregon, to try again living here and I hope get it right...the past week has been unpacking and getting used to a new's going well...walking around curious and uncertain, making contacts with friends I used to know here goes, trudging along, here goes...

october 11, 2007
11:43 p.m.
Portland, Oregon

finally arrived last weekend to first radio show broadcast in Portland, Oregon, updated the radio page for that show just now, the 'net stream was crap, so I had to pack up Eurydice, my MacBook Pro, and my microphone, and head on over to CoffeeTime Coffehouse, did the show from a booth there...between one error and another, it took nearly six hours to do a three hour show, but it got done...underway here, good news, job's going well, settling in, takes awhile, but doing how bout ending the Occupation, I need to get back into the ranks of doing that....

october 20, 2007
1:05 a.m.
Portland, Oregon

thought it is not yet posted on this site or distributed online or in fleshspace, I can happily report that The Cenacle | 62 | June 2007 is done, months in the making and overdue...I expect it will get onto this site in the next few the meantime, updated radio page for last week's show, always behind, it seems...settling into new place, got curtains on the windows, bookcase of tomes, beginning to look settled and lived in...

I'd like to say there's something good going on in DC, but nothing, not a damned good thing for any of those bastards to boast about...not a shining time to be a Senator or Representative...even the campaign for President is marred by its current occupant and the lackluster promise of those vying for the office in 2008...still, we'll get at least a human being after the mentally defective lunatic creep of the past 7 long years...another year and some days left...way too damned long...DC is an ocean of failure, really shameful, do-nothing failure, make excuses, blather about the next vote and the one after that...there's no faith in any of it...none...potential wasting even as it STILL EXISTS...when will you people in Congress DO THE RIGHT THING AND GET US OUT OF IRAQ AND START TAKING CARE OF PEOPLE IN THE U.S., AND FINALLY REJOIN THE FAMILY OF NATIONS...what the fuck will it take???

october 25, 2007
11:23 p.m.
Portland, Oregon

tonight updated last weekend's radio show, last few days been pushing and pushing at pen and press work, there are all sorts of projects at or coming to fruitition...a matter of the trudge, the endless trudge for awhile...but there are hours that justify it all, that matter, some last night, some tonight, they keep coming...

october 31, 2007
9:35 p.m.
Powell's Bookstore
Portland, Oregon

sometimes it seems like I spend weeks or months hardly much updating this site, then there is a burst & it gets its due for awhile...behold then a new burst...aside from updating the radio show page for last weekend's show, newly added is The Cenacle | 62 | June 2007. It features work by my old friends Jude Haggai and Ric Amante, my writing in politics, fixtion, & poetry, & reprints by Joyce Carol Oates & Donovan new artwork, color covers front and back no less, by my friends Nemo & Emmma...and KD and I did some picture work for it too, bless da Photoshop...long overdue issue, first to appear in months, and late, and there won't be another til December, but this moment is a good one anyway...lotta work...some good stuff...

nothing is happening in DC right now, & I don't believe a lot in anyone running for President, nor do I believe at the moment that Al Gore, the right man for the job, will choose to run himself...the war in Iraq a world disaster, now the Boy Monster wants to invade that possible? Does anyone in the US have any fucking idea what that would mean? Man, I don't. Iran is no decimated population, and it would bring hell on earth to a region already nearly there, and then spread it wider 'round...I swear we CANNOT GET RID OF THIS LUNATIC FAST ENOUGH...I bear hope for next year improving things, but not much more than some...

November 1, 2007
11:41 p.m.
Portland, Oregon

A day later, and here are more new projects being added tonight...Burning Man Books #1-48 have been proofread and edited new, and re-loaded...and Burning Man Books 2007 premieres with the following titles:

#49-Infinite Coincidence: A Ninth Anthology of Writings about Psychedelics
#50-The Witness by Joyce Carol Oates
#51-Bios and Mythos by Joseph Campbell
#52-The Myth of the Cave by Plato
#53-Selections from Winesburg, Ohio by Sherwood Anderson
#54-If There is No God: Selected Poetry and Prose of Czeslaw Milosz

The Zip file containing all 54 titles has been updated from last year and added. Exciting these projects are finally coming to fruition after a whole summer of simply updating the radio page week by week.

November 11, 2007
9:10 p.m.
Portland, Oregon

tonight updated the radio page for the most recent radio show information...I've begin work on The Cenacle | 63 | December 2007...As interesting is that I've been making some connections with some old friends in the area...Past arriving here, past the settling in, onto the possibilities that await.

November 18, 2007
11:58 p.m.
Portland, Oregon

tonight update radio show page for this weekend's broadcast, this site needs more tending that it has sometimes had this year, but I am glad it waits me...I get to it...the obligations of these days are several...I just have to keep at it, and the work does cume...

November 25, 2007
6:56 p.m.
Portland, Oregon

radio show page is updated, the good news for SpiritPlants Radio is that it again is on air 24/7, thanks for a fellow in Europe nick'd GlandMaster...working in the next Cenacle steady...I've not had much to say on politics here for awhile...there seems a real push to end the Iraq Occupation in DC but I don't have much faith at the for president in '08, Al Gore isn't running, the rest haven't sold me much at all yet...

December 2, 2007
4:54 p.m.
Portland, Oregon

radio page is updated, Portland is sweeping with rain this week...what to report...the last month of the year has begun, & I think there is so much press work to be done, and so much writing to be done, the days are simply finite as usual, but I have a faith of late that I will be reporting on much before 2008 rings in...

December 12, 2007
10:24 p.m.
Coffeetime Coffehouse
Portland, Oregon

Radio page is updated, but my mind right now is on the War, and how the Democrats in DC are giving away the last of the respect anyone had for them in the past year, they're ready to approve yet another war funding bill, no fucking strings attached, none, and then get off to their Christmas break pronto, I want to believe it can't be happening but the years we spent getting them back into power have been squandered by their cowardice, their fear, their ineptitude...what will happen in 2008? any reason to believe any of it will go better? I've been wondering if Obama might not be the man, might not have an RFK-chance in his soul, but then I think, oh great the Machine will have him I don't know tonight, I really do not know...

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