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Soulard's Online Notebook 2015

january 14, 2015
6:49 a.m.
milkrose, massachusetts

couple days late updating radio page . . . done . . . getting new issue mailed out this week finally, transitioning into 2015 work more fully, seems to take time to get one done and the next under way . . . hope to build on writing momentum of late last year, and do more press-work than in a long time . . . and maybe get my Burning Man feet under me again . . . here goes . . .

january 17, 2015
11:32 p.m.
milkrose, massachusetts

updated radio page nearly timely, and even better is that the last packages of Cenacle 91 and Scriptor Press Sampler 15 are mailed and on their way . . . & the poems of the Many Musics are as of tonight also caught up . . . so the much and many 2015 work can fully engage hereon . . . let's see how it goes . . .

january 31, 2015
12:03 p.m.
voltage cafe & art
cambridge, massachusetts

16th anniversary radio show, & ready on time, and promoted and all . . . partly because I got a 24-hour bug last weekend and had to delay radio work, despite mostly done . . . but, still, it will go on rightly tonight . . . been nearly 3 weeks of me digging deep into Burning Man Books 2015 work, and writing and the many little steps along the way to Firefly 2015 in Vermont beginning June 30 . . . 5 months to get so much done, but so far I'm into it . . . going, going . . .

february 6, 2015
8:23 p.m.
jp licks ice cream - assembly square
somerville, massachusetts

how 'bout this, radio work is done by friday night, so sweet to say this . . . I have a lot of writing to do and have to get these pen and press habits better and sharper than maybe ever before . . . looking toward firefly 2015 end of June, only chance I can is by working better and better over the course of next few months . . . it's day by day, house by hour . . . better than worse so far in this effort . . .

february 14, 2015
11:41 p.m.
milkrose, massachusetts

updated radio show page, this week spent writing and also reading, the year's projects pend before me, and I am doing my best to get everything time and quality of attention . . . Burning Man Books 2015, I am giving it my best go right now . . . and writing Many Musics and Labyrinthine best I am able . . . snowy, snowy lands . . .

february 21, 2015
12:41 p.m.
milkrose, massachusetts

Updated radio page, spent the long day writing and writing . . . working on many publishing projects and looking toward Firefly 2015 as my goal for ten new publications . . . on and on I am working at it . . .

march 4, 2015
2:50 p.m.
holyoke, colorado

little late but still, here is the updating of links at EL:
*** Literary Links: deleted Steam Shovel Press; Still; Zine World; Zyzzyva; Big Bridge; added Studio Eight
*** Psychedelic Links: deleted Lila; Grow Report
*** Alternative News Links: changed Occupy Boston Radio to Activate Radio Media; added BBC World Service Documentaries

march 8, 2015
1:11 p.m.
milkrose, massachusetts

Again updated radio page, again off a long day wonderful filled writing page after page . . . prep goes along for Firefly Fest 2015, working on an art grant from them, would be nice, especially for the free transport . . . working on Joe Coleman RaiBook, first in series in 5 years, that's exciting . . . just come back from visiting the kin in colorado, just keep working . . .

march 14, 2015
4:28 p.m.
kendall square - cosi coffeehouse
cambridge, massachusetts

writing from where i used to work, so many years ago, a bookstore long ago gone, and this area has built up nicely since then with shops and places . . . back then i had to get the train to get somewhere or anywhere after work . . . anyway, updated radio page, and this week awared $300 Firefly Creativity Art Grant, how bout that? Gave me some salve after losing DeMarco Murray from Cowboys to the Eagles . . . haven't had a hurt about football in a long time . . . just bi'ness, these motherfuckers say . . . root for him this week, root against him next week . . . something about it all that bothers me after this . . .

march 21, 2015
11:27 p.m.
milkrose, massachusetts

updated radio show page . . . working deeply on new Joe Coleman poetry book and new Cenacle, as well as Burning Man Books 2015, and the new Sampler, plus radio of course . . . at best, going hard and well at all this . . .

march 28, 2015
11:38 p.m.
milkrose, massachusetts

updated radio show page . . . driving day by day closer to Cenacle 92 with Many Musics, Labyrinthine, Dream Raps, AND Bags End Book #1 . . . it's going to happen, KD and I are going to make this 20th anniversary issue something really good . . . plus Coleman book oncomes too . . .

april 5, 2015
12:05 a.m.
milkrose, massachusetts

updated radio show page . . . spent the best of the day finishing Many Musics poems for the April Cenacle . . . wrote them best I could . . . now the month to editing and publishing . . .

april 12, 2015
1:01 a.m.
milkrose, massachusetts

updated radio show page . . . this is sixth weekend of shows, which is a lot in a row for me, since I prefer about 3-4 at most . . . another stretch to come in May . . . it's always good, I just want to bring my best to each show . . . Worked today on and on on Cenacle, and getting near to done with Joe Coleman RaiBook Kingdom of Clowns, its looking good too . . . just have to drive steady and true through end of month . . .

may 10, 2015
8:27 p.m.
milkrose, massachusetts

Finished the new Cenacle, & also Coleman's Kingdom of Clowns, & debuted at the Jellicle Guild . . . and now this weekend my radio show resumes, and the radio page is updated . . . roll along into new work . . .

may 17, 2015
8:35 p.m.
milkrose, massachusetts

Still working on final proofs of the Cenacle & Coleman's Kingdom of Clowns . . . Getting there, slowly, writing more, which means more than anything else . . . Writing, reading, editing, radio (page just updated on last of these). . . thems my mantra, see how it goes . . .

may 24, 2015
12:23 a.m.
milkrose, massachusetts

Not yet done with final proof of the Cenacle, though getting closer . . . Done with Coleman's Kingdom of Clowns, he and I had one last blow-out session this week to finishing it, but not yet distributed widely. . . Radio page updated, a day late . . . Saturdays been very good for writing lately, that's really what matters most of all . . .

june 3, 2015
8:43 p.m.
milkrose, massachusetts

this entry awhile in coming but gonna be a good long one . . . several updates, some quite big . . . here goes . . . first off, radio page updated from last weekend . . . what happened to delay was that my beloved Polly iPod had a hard drive failure, which is now getting attended to, but was then just a panic to try and fix the easier way, didn't work . . . but radio page is updated and she's getting treated right

next is that Many Musics, Eighth Series has been added to the site, this took years to do, and comes about because I've been posting the poems online steady for a year or more now at SpirItPlants, Lycaeum, Studio 8, and Lycaeum, copying from the ones on this site, which ran out after the seventh series . . . so time now to push them all forward . . . when all the Eighth Series poems are posted at those places, will get Ninth Series here . . . Dreamweaver a very helpful tool for doing this easily . . . Many Musics is at this point into 40 poems of the Tenth Series, which will run to 60 by year's end, I hope . . . and with luck this site, the others, and the writing itself will synch up by year's end . . . I'm glad this is getting to that point soon . . .

third, Labyrinthine has been updated on the site too . . . this one has been kept up with much more timely, and the printed version of this book is well past 800 pages . . . the notebook that contains all the pages is pounds thick and lovely as can be . . .

fourth, it's been five years but I can now announce the publication of the new RaiBook, number 8 in the series, Kingdom of Clowns by Joe Kevin Coleman . . . Joe has been contributing poems to the Cenacle for about three years now . . . his work can be ribald, sweet, and darkly moving, and is certainly fine enough to join the other authors in this series . . . it's a pleasure to know him and to promote and publish his work . . .

and, finally, the 20th anniversary issue of The Cenacle, issue 92, April 2015, is on the site & ready to be enjoyed . . . lots of color, lots of good work, and the first fully realized appearance of the Bags End mythology in its pages . . . here's its contents:

*** New poetry by Raymond Soulard, Jr., Colin James, Martina Newberry, Judih Haggai, Tom Sheehan, & Joe Coleman

*** “Love in Puerto Rico” [Travel Journal] by Charlie Beyer
*** “Green Jaguar” [Travel Journal] by Nathan D. Horowitz
*** Labyrinthine [new fixtion] by Raymond Soulard, Jr.
*** “Notes from New England“ [Commentary] by Raymond Soulard, Jr.
*** Bags End Book #1: The Bag Lady Artist Comes to Bags End! by Algernon Beagle
*** Classic Poetry by Emily Dickinson
*** “No Links Found Between Psychedelics & Psychosis” [Essay] by Zoe Cormier
*** Photography by Desiree Madrid
***Graphic artwork by Kassandra & Raymond Soulard, Jr.

It's funny that this site's anniversary came April 2, but this posting really feels much more like a celebration . . . a lot of ground covered this time, feels good . . .

june 6, 2015
11:48 p.m.
milkrose, massachusetts

short one to say updated the radio page, worked all night on Many Musics . . . new Cenacle is now up to bat, lots of work to do, for sure ...

june 15, 2015
6:34 p.m.
milkrose, massachusetts

updated radio page, late on that one, and happily a break after six weekends running of shows . . . now deeper into the Cenacle 93 work to conclude in 11 days at next meeting of Jellicle Literary Guild . . . a note to make on another topic: recently, Bags End News hit 30 years, and I've begun an issue to celebrate this . . . and also planning on a BEN section to this site very soon . . .

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