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Soulard's Online Notebook 2014

january 5, 2014
3:18 p.m.
beachmere inn
ogunquit, maine

first entry of the new year, made at the hotel room we've stayed at two years in a row, out the window view of the atlantic ocean, nice way to start the new year . . . & also nice . . .

is the new issue of The Cenacle! This issue features many of our usual great poets, plus fixtion, graphic arts, & several fine essays. It completes the 2013 Scriptor Press publishing year. I am expecting we will have even more publications to announce over the course of 2014. Working on a goals list for the year . . .

The new issue's contents include:
* New poetry by Raymond Soulard, Jr., Judih Haggai, Martina Newberry, Joe Coleman, & Tom Sheehan
* "Incarceration (The Last Belize Story)" [Journal] by Charlie Beyer
* "Jack Kerouac: A Psychonaut in Denial" [Essay] by Nick Meador
* "The Wildest Ones" [Travel Journal] by Nathan D. Horowitz
* Labyrinthine [new fixtion] by Raymond Soulard, Jr.
* Notes from New England [Commentary] by Raymond Soulard, Jr.
* Classic poetry by W.B. Yeats
* Graphic artwork by Joe Coleman
* Graphic artwork by Kassandra & Raymond Soulard, Jr.

I updated Labyrinthine on the site as well. This is a good way to start new year, getting new issue onto this site, & the year's work underway!

january 12, 2014
1:02 a.m.
melrose, massachusetts

updated radio page, a little late but nonetheless . . . today saw the second Hobbit film and loved it, and all night wrote Bags End News . . . not every day is so perfect, even this one began with a fall & a hurt shoulder & a missed bus & a $40 cab ride, but then it got really good and all forgiven . . . so praise be wherever & whenever possible . . . praise be . . .

january 19, 2014
1:31 p.m.
melrose, massachusetts

this entry is coming later than usual but here it is, December Cenacle, & 2013 press work as a whole, is now done, thank goodness, & into 2014 work more fully . . . radio page is updated, I've started some new writing, rusty, staggering, but compelling my face forward & ah, the beloved work . . .

january 24, 2014
12:50 p.m.
melrose, massachusetts

it was a long week, struggled on through, but here is the near conclusion, & radio update here is happening promptly, so that's hopeful . . . Within's Within is on 15 years as of this weekend, having traveled stations & locations all over the place through the years . . . arrived here-now just a couple of towns from where it began on Radio Free Cambridge . . . hoping here it will stay a long time . . . this weekend so much writing I wish to do . . .

february 1, 2014
5:51 p.m.
coolidge corner - panera bread
brookline, massachusetts

updated radio page . . . been writing a fair much lately, & not enough too, what gets published in april has got to be created now, & know this . . . tonight to it, hard & long . . .

february 10, 2014
10:42 a.m.
boston, massachusetts

late, updated radio page . . . writing a lot on weekends, and that's good, but not enough still, just not . . . I can do even better, this is what is on my mind . . . often . . .

february 17, 2014
12:55 p.m.
melrose, massachusetts

annual update of site's links' pages, as follows: literary links page all good; news links: updated indymedia URL, and has change to Campaign for America's Future; psychedelic links page: deleted Island Web, LSD: My Problem Child, & (also made some grammatical corrections) . . . so all good, updated again . . .

february 22, 2014
1:03 p.m.
city place food court
boston, massachusetts

radio page is updated for the new radio weekend, plus the Jellicle Guild link on the main page is updated to 6/30/2012 (working on the more recent archives currently), plus a new player is installed on the radio page, so that each show can be easily played or streamed . . . recent run of steady work at pen & press, hoping it goes on & on, tis my intention . . .lots and lots of snow, lots and lots of shoveling and plowing . . .

march 2, 2014
6:09 p.m.
on board boston, mass.-to-portland, maine
amtrack train

late update of radio page, was a long, trying week, some self-induced, but it's done, so dandy . . . even more so is that the 10/27/2012 Jellicle Literary Guild highlights have been added to the site . . . slowly getting these archives into better shape . . . one step, then the next . . . then a thousand thousand more . . .

currently bound for a couple of days off up in portland, in part to see Avett Brothers with Old Crow Medicine Show . . . should be dandy & dancey both . . . and maybe write more and more . . .

march 8, 2014
9:27 p.m.
melrose, massachusetts

Next JG highlights coming but not yet, for now updated radio page . . . and the news that I cannot believe is possibly a return to the energies left in 2009 thousands of miles from here, in a new form . . . the form of a firefly . . . maybe . . .

march 9, 2014
5:50 p.m.
melrose, massachusetts

JG 12/15/12 highlights are now up on site, and so the archiving effort continues along . . . good!

march 24, 2014
9:58 a.m.
boston, massachusetts

couple days late updating the radio page, coming out of a rough couple of weeks . . . my mother, who had been ailing, was moved to a nursing home several weeks ago, but her health declined rapidly, and she died March 13 . . . was cremated by that weekend, & her funeral was on March 15 . . . just like that . . . nothing that can be reacted to in such a quick time, but the days that followed were a bit hazy . . . but now feeling the ground more solid, & to carry on . . . I wish I could say something worth the profundity of death, but I don't know the words right now . . . she was very old, ill, sad, alone, I don't think her quality of life was going to improve . . . anyway, site is updated for now . . .

march 29, 2014
11:37 a.m.
milkrose, massachusetts

radio page is being updated much more timely, this week has been a struggle, lots of work under way . . . also considering the Firefly Festival in July in Vermont . . . tis a Burning Man-related fest, would be my first involvement since 1999 . . . thinking about it a lot . . . in ticket lottery . . .

april 5, 2014
7:39 p.m.
cosi at kendall square
cambridge, massachusetts

updated radio page on time this time, & with a returned Eurydice in paw have also updated the Jellicle Guild archives to include 4/27/2013 meeting, the first one held in Melrose . . . firefly is looking still maybe-ish but maybe a little more yes . . . and press work for next Cenacle is deeply underway in the meantime . . .

april 13, 2014
9:04 p.m.
milkrose, massachusetts

a day late, radio page is updated, & this the last show for the month . . . attention now turned more & more to new issue of Cenacle, 19th anniversary issue no less . . . I am reminded each time that at some point, the content in hand is what is there for the magazine to be made from, & so deciding that that point's been reached is crucial in making the hard charge to the finish line . . .

Going to Firefly 2014 is about 80 percent sure at this point, going to decide this finally at the beginning of May, when its run of prep work would have to start going full out . . .

may 5, 2014
10:35 a.m.
chaston, massachusetts

happy to be back to radio work, though radio page is being updated a couple of days late, but always nice after a break to get back to it . . .

and new Cenacle is done, or at least debuted at Jellicle Guild meeting last weekend, more to go to get it fully finished . . .

Firefly 2014 looking less likely, I just have so much work to do and don't think I can do it right for getting there this year . . . if I don't go, that makes 2015 event one I'll have a whole year to prepare for . . . just haven't decided finally yet . . .

may 12, 2014
10:35 a.m.
chaston, massachusetts

updated the radioo page, late again, but nonetheless, i am glad to get it done but not that it isn't timely . . .

and new Cenacle i'm still working on finalizing it for full dissemination . . . it takes time, again the matter is time . . . i'm at it . . .

may 17, 2014
11:37 p.m.
milkrose, massachusetts

updated radio page, Cenacle post-production work isn't done, hard week, no good reason . . .

may 24, 2014
11:47 p.m.
milkrose, massachusetts

updated radio page, Cenacle post-production work isn't done, hard week, no good reason . . . i could have typed those words exactly and let it go at that, but i don't think so . . . here's to the better climb of better days . . .

June 7, 2014
11:47 p.m.
milkrose, massachusetts

updated radio page, into new month of shows, always a good thing . . . last weekend with kin & new friends cleaning out my mother's nightmare of a house, everything multiply purchased & stored away, things in basement mouldering, the whole place creepy & haunted in ways scarier than most movies . . . glad to have escaped . . .

Cenacle 88 | April 2014 is done, in good new news . . . The new issue's contents include:
*** New poetry by Raymond Soulard, Jr., Judih Haggai, Ric Amante, Joe Ciccone, Joe Coleman, & Tom Sheehan
*** "Paleo Redemption" [Travel Journal] by Charlie Beyer
*** "Psychedelics & Lucid Dreaming" [Essay] by A.S. Kay
*** "Baby Steps Up into the Sky" [Travel Journal] by Nathan D. Horowitz
*** Labyrinthine [new fixtion] by Raymond Soulard, Jr.
*** Notes from New England [Commentary] by Raymond Soulard, Jr.
*** Classic poetry by Czeslaw Milosz
*** Graphic artwork by Joe Coleman
*** Graphic artwork by Kassandra & Raymond Soulard, Jr.

19th anniversary issue & I am very proud of everyone involved and thank them all with my love and respect . . .

June 15, 2014
2:00 a.m.
milkrose, massachusetts

radio page is updated, working on new issue print distribution . . . since Dreamhost no longer allows web editing of sites, using Dreamweaver to do this . . . my beloved figured it out and tutored me, twas fun :)

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