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Soulard's Online Notebook 2014

january 5, 2014
3:18 p.m.
beachmere inn
ogunquit, maine

first entry of the new year, made at the hotel room we've stayed at two years in a row, out the window view of the atlantic ocean, nice way to start the new year . . . & also nice . . .

is the new issue of The Cenacle! This issue features many of our usual great poets, plus fixtion, graphic arts, & several fine essays. It completes the 2013 Scriptor Press publishing year. I am expecting we will have even more publications to announce over the course of 2014. Working on a goals list for the year . . .

The new issue's contents include:
* New poetry by Raymond Soulard, Jr., Judih Haggai, Martina Newberry, Joe Coleman, & Tom Sheehan
* "Incarceration (The Last Belize Story)" [Journal] by Charlie Beyer
* "Jack Kerouac: A Psychonaut in Denial" [Essay] by Nick Meador
* "The Wildest Ones" [Travel Journal] by Nathan D. Horowitz
* Labyrinthine [new fixtion] by Raymond Soulard, Jr.
* Notes from New England [Commentary] by Raymond Soulard, Jr.
* Classic poetry by W.B. Yeats
* Graphic artwork by Joe Coleman
* Graphic artwork by Kassandra & Raymond Soulard, Jr.

I updated Labyrinthine on the site as well. This is a good way to start new year, getting new issue onto this site, & the year's work underway!

january 12, 2014
1:02 a.m.
melrose, massachusetts

updated radio page, a little late but nonetheless . . . today saw the second Hobbit film and loved it, and all night wrote Bags End News . . . not every day is so perfect, even this one began with a fall & a hurt shoulder & a missed bus & a $40 cab ride, but then it got really good and all forgiven . . . so praise be wherever & whenever possible . . . praise be . . .

january 19, 2014
1:31 p.m.
melrose, massachusetts

this entry is coming later than usual but here it is, December Cenacle, & 2013 press work as a whole, is now done, thank goodness, & into 2014 work more fully . . . radio page is updated, I've started some new writing, rusty, staggering, but compelling my face forward & ah, the beloved work . . .

february 1, 2014
5:51 p.m.
coolidge corner - panera bread
brookline, massachusetts

updated radio page . . . been writing a fair much lately, & not enough too, what gets published in april has got to be created now, & know this . . . tonight to it, hard & long . . .

january 24, 2014
12:50 p.m.
melrose, massachusetts

it was a long week, struggled on through, but here is the near conclusion, & radio update here is happening promptly, so that's hopeful . . . Within's Within is on 15 years as of this weekend, having traveled stations & locations all over the place through the years . . . arrived here-now just a couple of towns from where it began on Radio Free Cambridge . . . hoping here it will stay a long time . . . this weekend so much writing I wish to do . . .

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