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Soulard's Online Notebook 2010

january 9, 2010
3:31 p.m.
portland, oregon

And here we gooooo . . . new decade arrived, the tens, or whatever they might get called eventually . . . updated radio page for this coming weekend's first broadcast of the new year . . . and also added five archived shows, from Feb and March 2009 . . . more to come soon, piling up ready to come as a matter of fact . . .

Third year I've made Scriptor Press goals, first time I've posted them here:
1. Expand the scope & reach of current projects; online; at events; by mail; & in storefronts.
2. Synchrony among writings, publications, radio, & web.
3. Support the efforts of others in their work & its dissemination; teach, aid, the artist in the person, the person in the artist.
4. Support liberation over control, understanding over ignorance, empathy over competition.
5. Better discipline, more learning, better work.
6. Make art, love KD, be of the world without losing to it.

Well, there's more to say but not right now . . . soon . . .

january 14, 2010
10:11 p.m.
portland, oregon

Updated radio page for this weekend's show . . . working on a lot of odds-n-ends that will result in improvements to this site but not yet . . .

Brief comment about President Obama's first year in office . . . he's done a lot, a lot to go, I still have faith in the man . . . I'll have more to say on this soon too . . .

january 22, 2010
11:22 p.m.
portland, oregon

Radio issues a-plenty but radio page is now updated . . . radio stream is running on an alternative server for the time being . . .

KD did a lot of site work recently . . . she updated the Notebook Archives page . . . added Grow Report to the Psychedelic Links page . . . we also began the migration of my radio shows to Scriptor Press Yahoo! Small Business server . . . likewise moved Samplers and the Jellicle Guild files to the same server . . . good behind-the-scenes improvement . . .

january 29, 2010
8:56 p.m.
starbucks 23rd & burnside
portland, oregon

At my old stomping grounds tonight . . . worked here in a corner table for nine months when I was telecommuting . . . till I was laid off . . . anyway updated the radio page to include info for tomorrow's 11th anniversary show . . . and also updated the Nov 09 to Jan 10 radio files to reflect their move to the Yahoo! Small Business server . . . 11 years doing this show . . . crazy crazy . . .

also did the annual cleaning of the links on the Alternative News, Feed Your Head, and Literary pages . . . for the Literary page, fixed the Zine World title . . . for the Alternative News page, deleted dead links for Guerrilla News, Air America (sad, sad), and Nova M Radio, while added links for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Countdown with Keith Olbermann, The Rachel Maddow Show, & Democracy Now! . . . and for the Feed Your Head page, updated the Burning Man name, the Rainbow Family link, the Hippyland! link, and the R6XX link, while removing, dead link, and CyberVisionQuest, for now . . .

more news . . . not going to Burning Man this year, after 11 straight years going . . . just didn't have the enthusiasm, tried, but nothing . . . more indifferent than sad, which is really strange . . . and it turns out we're going to be moving to Boston later this year . . . which is strange to be saying but if all goes well will be true . . . never thought i'd live there again, and visit only rarely when possible but it's true, it's the plan . . . and if the job i'd had that i used to work here for had not laid me off, likely would never have happened . . . weird crossings and clashings . . .

february 11, 2010
7:46 p.m.
portland, oregon

it's been a couple of weeks since last here to update content . . . working on Cenacle | 72 | April 2010, Scriptor Press Sampler | 11 | 2009 Annual, and the next RaiBook . . . also updated the radio page for this coming weekend's shows, and updated the Aug 09 to Oct 09 radio files' links to reflect their move to the Yahoo! Small Business Server . . . working toward Boston plans day by day, it's slow but I feel the pull on me, in better and worse hours . . .

february 20, 2010
12:07 a.m.
portland, oregon

updated radio page for this weekend's show . . . mostly working on Cenacle | 72 | April 2010 . . . slow going but making progress . . . i think sometimes life is a trudge along for a long time and then sometime later look back at see all the work done and how fine the results when they come . . . mostly tired . . .

february 26, 2010
11:15 p.m.
starbucks@23rd & burnside
portland, oregon

tonight updated my radio page. . . SpiritPlants Radio takes a good chunk of my time, but I feel it is a vital part of my mission with Art & Scriptor Press . . . press-wise, more and working on Cenacle | 72 | April 2010 . . . it's coming along, toward its release date late April . . . also, to make sure I don't fall back into old, bad habits, finally added Many Musics, Fifth Series, #31-60 . . . I've begun the Sixth Series and truly do not know where it's headed . . . in DC this week President Obama schooled the fools who would keep insurance companies rich and millions poor and sick . . . it was a delight to see . . . thinking of the progressive media and how to get a little more open borders with it . . . nothing sure yet of this . . .

march 17, 2010
7:10 p.m.
portland, oregon

Tonight updated the Jellicle Guild archives page to include the 12/19/2009 meeting, the most recent one to have occurred . . . also updated the JG image on the home page . . . 10 meetings so far of the revived JG in Portland, I am expecting two more to come, in April and in June . . . Lots of work yet to do on Cenacle | 72 | April 2010, with only a month left to finish . . .

To follow up on what I said in brief on Obama in an earlier entry: I believe he has done a pretty good job in his first year in office, and finally getting healthcare insurance reform passed will be a triumph when it happens soon . . . he inherited two wars, an economy in shambles, and a Congress that has proven virtually unable to do anything at all, much well . . . yet he has persevered, and the country is in better shape for it . . . i remain an admirer of him, even as i sometimes am critical too . . . but on this, no doubts: the country would have just about sunk out of sight had McCain somehow gotten in . . . the Democrats are not great, but the current version of the Republican Party is a total nightmare disaster for the safety and well-being of just about everyone on the planet . . . of that I am sure . . .

march 18, 2010
10:00 p.m.
portland, oregon

Briefest of updates to say that radio page has been updated, my show returns after two weekends off, and just in time for the spring . . . time to look for hope, time to find it . . . time to take what hope found and grow more . . . work on Cenacle | 72 | April 2010 goes on, it's such a long process but it's going to be such a good issue!

march 26, 2010
9:01 p.m.
portland, oregon

Updated the radio page for this weekend's show, and also updated all the archives links for all the shows from December 2008 to present . . . OBAMA PASSED HEALTHCARE REFORM, YES WE DID!!

april 2, 2010
1:37 p.m.
mcdonald's downtown
portland, oregon

While updating the radio page for my show this weekend, it hit me: today is this site's 12th anniversary . . . wow! so much work on it last year that this one came on much more quietly . . . yet here it is . . . 12 years come and gone with this site online pretty much the whole time, building up and up . . . considering it for a moment, I don't see any immediate major changes, not to the level of last year's remodeling . . . the only big-ish thought I have regards a forums for indie publishers to feature their works and get to know each other . . . I don't see anything online that fits that purpose right now . . . in any event, 12 years, fancy that . . . I'm grateful to every hand involved in its history, the artists, those who donated server space, or rented it cheap, and my beloved KD for all the work she's done on it in recent times . . . happy birthday to you . . .

april 9, 2010
9:50 p.m.
portland, oregon

Aside from updating the radio page for this weekend's show, and noting that Cenacle 72 is in the final run of days of making . . . aside from all that, my employer has decided to end my contract mid-May not end-June . . . just like that, a bean counter's move . . . this shit, corporate AmeriKKKa bullshit never ends . . . but go on, and hope something, no, make something good happen in Boston to come the summer . . .

april 16, 2010
8:23 p.m.
portland, oregon

Cenacle 72 should be done tonight . . . & is going to be a good one for all of its hard work. . . 15th anniversary issue deserves to be . . . radio page is updated for last week’s show . . . two weekends off for travel to Boston . . . get business done with past / future home . . . looking forward to it . . . winding down West Coast day by day . . .

april 19, 2010
9:00 p.m.
portland, oregon

Cenacle | 72 | April 2010 is finally done and uploaded to this site. It is the 15th anniversary issue and features color cover art by Catfishrivers. Contents include:

* Poetry by Raymond Soulard, Jr., Ric Amante, Joe Ciccone, & Judih Haggai
* Prose essays by Ralph H. Emerson & Joan Didion
* Fixtion by Raymond Soulard, Jr.
* Letter by Jim Burke III
* Notes from Northwest by Raymond Soulard, Jr.
* Artwork by Catfishrivers & AbandonView
* Photography from Manifest Project
* Photography by Raymond & Kassandra Soulard

Glad to have made it this many years, and to be working with such excellent collaborators on this project. What a great new issue! Now to head off with KD to Boston this week to scout new environs in beloved old land . . .

april 29, 2010
11:25 p.m.
portland, oregon

Back from Boston, a full week there & in Connecticut, visiting friends & kin . . . it was a good visit, a good start for getting work and home . . . the visit reinforced our wish to live there . . . to take the steps to get there, and then the further ones to settle well and for the long run . . .

Updated the radio page for this coming weekend's show, glad to be back on the air, now for four weekends in a row . . . also added the Cenacle 72 pages of Labyrinthine to the pages on the site, now two and a half parts of the story is on site . . . back to the wheel here, for a short time, before digging in full-time to the matter of moving . . .

may 6, 2010
9:40 p.m.
portland, oregon

updated the radio page for this weekend's coming show . . . also added the four Nov 08 radio archives . . . filling in the gap of shows over time . . .

also, after being associated with Yahoo! online for 8.5 years, this site is soon to move to another host . . . cost issues but, more than that, is that their business policies are deceptive . . . willing to charge, not willing to deliver on services promised . . . will be moved to another host shortly . . .

may 16, 2010
10:31 p.m.
portland, oregon

this entry is coming a couple of days later than usual . . . my job at Standard Insurance concluded on Friday, and now my task in life for a stretch is moving back to the future to Boston . . . I’ve decided to put my freak shoulder to the wheel of this task & do it as well as I can . . . I updated the radio page for this last weekend’s show, more work on that page needs done regarding the archives, but soon . . . after 9 years associated with Yahoo!, this site has changed hosts to Dreamhost, and wishing for a long happy partnership with them . . .

Of equal note is the publication on site of Scriptor Press Sampler | #11 | 2009 Annual, also coming somewhat tardy since usually released in March . . . its contents include:
• World’s Window (Peru Journal excerpts) by Christopher Patrick Gose
• Poetry by Joe Ciccone; Ric Amante; Judih Haggai; & Raymond Soulard Jr.
• Fiction by Susan Jones; GC Dillon; & Raymond Soulard, Jr.
• Prose essays by Ralph H. Emerson; & Raymond Soulard, Jr.
• Letter by Jim Burke III • Photos and artwork by Catfishrivers; AbandonView; Victor Vanek; & Kassi & Raymond Soulard, Jr.

It’s a good issue, as always, and it will be a calling card for some months to come in Scriptor Press’s return to the East . . . I leave on the Greyhound bus a week from Tuesday, but should be more work done & noted here before that . . . so more soon . . .

may 18, 2010
4:34 p.m.
portland public library-downtown
portland, oregon

last time i sat in this room at one of these computer consoles was feb 16, 2003, some over 7 years ago, and i wrote the following, in part:

"added section xi, 'home,' of 6 x 36 nocturnes, #36, lasting (for lisa marie)...leaving portland, no answers...none...

"nothing makes sense...nothing is truthful...goodbye portland, for now, and whatever it meant to be here..."

well, here i am again, days from leaving portland again, this time posted Many Musics, Sixth Series, #1-30, actually did this work on my MacBook Pro, Eurydice, in the room next to this one, but this notebook bit saved to do here, because those years ago the hour I got at these computers meant everything to me, & I suppose this is an honoring of those days and how they reach still from then to i figured my way to this terminal, and I'm listening to my friend iPod, Polly, like I listened to cassette walkman back then, or discman...

i think this time i am leaving portland for good, aside from returning to get KD and our stuff, next tuesday is it, and it occurred to me not long ago that it was in june 2001 when i met lisa marie zent, who lived in portland, that my connection to this city began, and now 9 years later it is concluding...a thank you? yes, a thank you, for though i am returning to boston, and gladly doing so, i carry this place in my heart too, and am glad of it...of the West I am leaving, Seattle, and Burning Man, and the loved ones touched and parted along the way...I suppose that's all...thank you and goodbye, and not the mourning of the last time...thankfulness this time....

may 21, 2010
2:45 p.m.
portland, oregon

Updated radio page, this will be the last show I broadcast from Portland, Oregon or the West Coast. Strange feeling, indeed. Also, updated the radio page to reflect the currently available archives, slowly adding more as time goes on...

This my last weekend living in Portland, and I don't seem to have much to say. The words, for now, are THANK YOU. So much pending, so much to do to get fully and successfully from here to Boston...this may be my last entry from here or there may be another before we depart finally late June...

may 24, 2010
11:17 p.m.
portland, oregon

Updated radio page's archives to include last weekend's radio show, and also shows from November and December 2008...this may be the last entry from Portland...tomorrow noontime I leave for cross-country trip to Boston, staying several weeks with my friend Ric, going to find an apartment for me & KD, and do some serious jobhunting...then seeing Phish middle June, first time in ten years!! and flying back here to finish packing so we can get in truck with our friend Victor and drive to the place I find us in Boston....

Bringing three bags, going to write a lot, read some, think even more...lately I've done better, focussed more...I can do even better...hoping my bet that Boston will again bring out my best like when I moved there in '92 will work out...more soon...

june 5, 2010
5:08 p.m.
starbucks, main street
melrose, massachusetts

running very late in getting radio information posted, my show is well along right now, even going on an hour late . . . anyway, it was days on the bus, and good work was done, writing, reading, editing . . . then the stresses of getting an apartment, which I did for us, in a nice town called Arlington, nonetheless kept me low some days running . . . that said, I've been working like a motherfucker today and I don't think I'm going to stop for quite a stretch to come . . . more soon . . .

june 13, 2010
3:47 a.m.
ric's home
melrose, massachusetts

running even later, radio went on late, my beloved MacBook Pro Eurydice had a hard drive crash, but here is the radio page updated, E is doing better, move right along, thank ye much . . .

june 21, 2010
4:06 p.m.
portland public library-downtown
portland, oregon

updated radio page for most recent show's archive . . . trip east went well, we have an address . . . i have some beat up toes to get tended tonight but otherwise survived the road pretty well . . . saw Phish in hartford, my first show in ten years and they were even better this time around . . . wrote a lot . . . this week is packing . . . this may be the very last entry from Portland while it's still my home . . . a thank you and nod with love . . .

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