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Soulard's Online Notebook 2008

january 13, 2008
8:30 p.m.
portland, oregon

Welcome to the ElectroLounge circa 2008! Beginning the year, four months from the site's 10th anniversary, updated the radio page for this weekend's broadcast, and much more . . . After months of working on it, 18 radio show archives are being added to the radio page for free downloading . . . these shows range from January to June 2006, bringing the online archive's range from October 2004 to June 2006...already working on the next group of archived shows...

I've vowed that I will do better this year in working on this site more regularly & more meaningfully, more than simply radio show announcement updates...and occasional Cenacle and Burning Man Books updates...I'm going to try & do something every week throughout the year...

2008 is when we finally get rid of George W. Bush...November 4, 2008 is the date when Americans can confirm their wish that this 8 year nightmare of war & spying & corporate & evangelical lunacy ends, & no's a long way from this early January evening til that late autumn day, but it's coming...

january 20, 2008
11:38 p.m.
portland, oregon

tonight updated the radio page, and also the Many Musics page...with the latter added Many Musics, Second Series, #31-48, keeping my promise again this week of adding meaningful updates to this far, less than a month into 2008, so good...

the US political primary season has begun, it seems like the Democrats have compelled their list down to three people--Clinton, Edwards, Obama--and I'm reasonably comfortable with all of them, though I prefer Obama...better than the options the Republicans offer, or the lack of other options this year...

february 8, 2008
9:04 p.m.
Powell's Books
portland, oregon

a little late in updating this site, but nonetheless updating the radio page to note the 9th anniversary broadcast of my radio show, "Within's Within: Scenes from the Psychedelic Revolution," begun in the back room of an art gallery in Cambridge, Massachusetts in what seems like another life as well as another century...

additionally, keeping to my 2008 promise of regular and meaningful updates, visited the "Alternative News & Commnentary Online" page on this site and double-checked all its links, all still good, and added two new ones to boot: The Daily Kos, and The Huffington Post, both major sites for progressive news and opinion, both worth visiting regularly...

the primary season has trimmed the number of candidates down to a few...clinton & obama for the dems...mccain, paul, and huckabee for the repukes...obama is my man though clinton is not a bad option...obama is a candidate of hope, of change, a blunt alternative to the bu$h's been a long time since i've been glad of the leading dems for president, and to be ready to work for obama, vote for him straight up...the country is giddy drunk right now with the changes coming, hope abounds and nobody knows what to say or do, quite...amazing how one man held us all prisoner for so long, and now his days of power dwindle...CAN'T FUCKING WAIT TIL THAT ASSHOLE IS GONE...heh...that felt good...more soon...

February 18, 2008
9:26 p.m.
Portland, Oregon

Seven weeks to the day late, The Cenacle | 63 | December 2007 appears in the's one I'm really proud of, and features:
*Green Flames: Thoughts on Burning Man, The Green Man, and Dionysian Anarchism by Dale Pendell
*Many Musics (poems) by Raymond Soulard, Jr.
*Corina, Corina (fiction) by G.C. Dillon
*Secret Joy Amongst These Times (History of Scriptor Press) by Raymond Soulard, Jr.
*Poetry by Judih Haggai
*The Myth of the Cave by Plato
*Things Change (Six Thresholds) (fixtion) by Raymond Soulard, Jr.
*Ecuador Hotel (fiction) by Ric Amante
*Notes from the Northwest by Raymond Soulard, Jr.
*Interview with John Lilly by Judith Hooper*

Plus images KD & I took in recent months of Seattle before we left, and Portland since we've arrived...Thank goodness it has arrived where it debuts...

Also updated the radio page after too long not doing so, trying to keep my vow, and I guess so far doing better than worse...less than a lot to say about the doings over in DC, butt-ugly and unsurprising...

February 23, 2008
11:58 a.m.
Portland, Oregon

updated radio page, while show is going on, kinda funny that...also pruned the psychedelic links page, first time since Jan '07...links gone, dead or otherwise, include: Excellent Introduction to LSD from (RIP); Mushroom John; Do It Now Foundation; Diary of a Psychonaut; Expressions of the Void by Fu333; Headmag; and the Scribbl3es Entheogen Library. Added, happily, is Earth Rites, main site of my new friend Gwyllm and his art and magazine and radio show...speaking of which, time to get back to the mic, on air!

March 7, 2008
9:19 p.m.
Powell's Books
Portland, Oregon

Even better this week, updated radio page in advance of this weekend's show, trying to tilt myself from back to forward, slowly it works if push, push, push...also, keeping the momentum of the year going with significant additions, tonight posted on the main page my book Things Change? (Six Thresholds) [a new fixtion], the first time I've posted to this site one of my fixtions...this story was written from 2000 to 2005, during some really rough riding days, which it is part of my "Double Triptych" which includes two fixtion sequels, Why?, Labyrinthine, and three poetry series, 6 x 36 Nocturnes, New Songs [for Kassandra], and Many Musics. The poems are all up, save that the last of the three which is still in progress...eventually all will appear here...I don't know if Many Musics and Labyrinthine will ever be the whole project is ongoing perpetually...

March 20, 2008
10:35 p.m.
Portland, Oregon

Tonight updated site for last week's radio show, trying not to fall behind...also added Many Musics, Second Series, #49-60, completing what poems are written thus far in this series...Another bit of good news is that I am in the process of acquiring the domain name...very exciting news...especially with this website's tenth anniversary coming in less than two weeks...

April 1, 2008
10:38 p.m.
Portland, Oregon

Took awhile to update the radio show page for the most recent broadcast...also changed the URLs of the radio archive files on the radio to reflect the change of server from my friend Alfie's in the UK to my friend Senz's in Germany...and lastly moved the Things Change and History of Scriptor Press manuscripts from Alfie's server to the server...

tonight is only the first of three nights of updating work, there is so much about to go up but not yet...not yet...tomorrow night...

April 2, 2008
10:26 p.m.
Fred Meyer Supermarket
Portland, Oregon

This is the 10th anniversary of The ElectroLounge, not April 1st as I'd thought for some years, and tonight is the 2nd of 3 nights celebrating this anniversary. Newly added to the site's main page tonight is just-published Scriptor Press Sampler | 9 | 2007 Annual, debuted last weekend at the first meeting of the revived Jellicle Literary Guild meeting. It's a great issue, featuring work by Dale Pendell, Ric Amante, Judih Haggai, G.C. Dillon, KD & myself. Very proud of it. There will be more additions to this site tomorrow night, so come back then!

April 3, 2008
10:58 a.m.
Portland, Oregon

Coming into the home stretch of this 3-day celebration of The ElectroLounge's 10th anniverary, and what a treat to finish it off. Thanks to beloved KD's desktop publishing skills with some old, cranky files, now appears on the site's main page three more of the RaiBooks series: Pawn Title Keep Car (2001) by Barbara Brannon, North of Jersey (2000) by Joe Ciccone, and Ferry Tales (1999) by Ric Amante. These books have never been available online so their visibility has been pretty limited until now. I am SO happy to have them up and ready for everyone's reading enjoyment. Dear friends, all of them, this a long overdue gift to them too! On to the eleventh year!

April 15, 2008
11:12 p.m.
Portland, Oregon

Updated radio page for the most recent broadcast two weekends ago, the work since has not been on this site so much as it has been on Cenacle | 64 | April 2008. Still a long way to go, and working on radio archives too, and Burning Man Books 2008 as well...just keeping working, day by day, I hope and think it will sum to something...

April 26, 2008
8:31 p.m.
Portland, Oregon

Last weekend to satisfy the urgent deadline of a work project, I stayed up all night, from Sunday afternoon to Monday noon....not only getting only a single day off from work, but losing an entire night's sleep too...the funny thing I remember is that I listened to music all night, to Frightened Rabbit, and Seachange, and Califone, indie rock bands one and all, and it helped, it got me through...even later in the night I listened to freak AM radio...coast to coast AM, view from space...the days since I feel like I've been catching up, on rest, on work, on simple ambulation within my own head

I think catching up this website is one of the last items on my list, and here is its turn...maybe tonight, halfway though this current weekend, is where I begin to feel genuinely caught up, as though there was a lag that took days, a wrinkle in the carpet that took days, to smooth out...updated radio page for last weekend's show...why? why not just skip it? I don't know save I don't wish to...give it its due before heading along...make sense? well maybe...

May 12, 2008
9:10 p.m.
Old Pharmacy Cafe
Portland, Oregon

Well, let's see, it's been nearly three weeks since this site was updated, but I've been looking toward tonight's update very it is...first thing, updated radio page for most recent broadcast, two weekends ago...vowing to do better with this small updating task...nuff said on it for now...

The site's main page features a fair bit of new content...working from the bottom up, the email contact address has been changed, to, reflecting my current ownership of the domain...

Next is the link to highlights of the 3/29/2008 Jellicle Literary Guild meeting KD and I hosted at our home...the Jellicle Guild was a group I organized and hosted from 1988 to 2001, back in Connecticut and Boston, and I find no reference to it in the early ElectroLounge notebooks, was an 8 times a year gathering for poetry reading, fiction, guitar, good friendly cheer, and existed back then in the obscurity that that the Internet has, for better and worse, eliminated from much of the Western world...The Cenacle, in fact, grew from gathering all those dear folks together, as something to celebrate our arts together between pages...took a long time to decide to revive it, but did, and the good side of the 'net is that I recorded the meeting digitally and the highlights are on this site for you to hear, wherever you are...another meeting just occurred and its highlights will be posted soon...maybe pictures too...

But still more...KD and I worked like nuts to get Cenacle | 64 | April 2008 out in time for the Jellicle Guild meeting, just as I did in those old years of meetings...we did, and now the issue is online here too, its all of its 13th anniversary full color cover beauty...there's poetry by Michael Van Kleeck (first time in these pages), Judih Haggai, Joe Ciccone (welcome back, old friend!), and myself...fiction by G.C. Dillon and myself...a new letter from Jim Burke III..."Bios & Mythos" by Joseph Campbell..."How LSD Originated" by the late great Dr. Albert Hofmann (RIP, dear sir)...and my Notebooks and Notes from the Northwest...along with great cover art by Nemo Boko...fine, fine stuff all around...

Can't end a long celebratory entry like this without at least something of a political rant, so, here tis: Hillary Clinton, you lost, concede. It's time to think about something bigger than yourself, your ambitions, whatever you've earned or haven't in your own mind...Senator Obama is going to be the next President and I believe he is going to be a great one...and what becomes of you, I don't know, I hope something wonderful, but we are all TIRED OF YOUR FUCKING FOOT STOMPING lost, concede...get into the groove of the better days coming or just get out of the fucking way...up to you, ma'am...

May 29, 2008
11:32 p.m.
Portland, Oregon

Tonight updated radio page for this coming weekend show's information...I'd updated it last weekend but the notebook entry here was MacBook Pro Eurydice was in repair all week so not much got accomplished but she's back and working hard again :)

June 6, 2008
11:04 p.m.
Portland, Oregon

Tonight updated radio page for upcoming weekend's show...more than is evident going on...about to make it so that page will allow each archive show listed to be either downloaded OR streamed...a very big improvement, just fuckass much work to make it issue of Cenacle is in progress too...lots going on just not much to show yet...

so this week after months of warring, Senator Barack Obama became the Democratic Party nominee for President...they say it's going to be ugly, the months ahead with him versus the crazy warrior John McCain...I don't say "old" because if he was another man, and this culture respected its elders, he would be perhaps exalted...but he's not, he's a fool, and even if he wasn't, his age would be a handicap...anyway, into the bloodbath of the election season, though I don't know if it could be as bad as it has been of recent times...hope, man, hope...

June 17, 2008
4:04 p.m.
Starbucks 23rd & Burnside
Portland, Oregon

This afternoon updated radio show for last weekend's broadcast, but the bigger change to the radio page is the addition of archive show each show listed can be downloaded or it can be streamed...this is a major upgrade to this page which comes courtesy of Heart-Drive...very exciting, lots of work but really, really exciting to have this now available!!

Working also on Cenacle | 65 | June 2006...and work has begun on the Burnng Man Books 2008 series, including titles by Hakim Bey, Doestoevsky, Rachel Carson, William Merwin, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and the tenth anthology of writings on psychedelics...damned lot of work, but in the deeps of work I am a happy person...

June 22, 2008
4:22 p.m.
Portland, Oregon

This afternoon updated radio page, which I am still thrilled over now having streaming links to all the archived shows, and I am working on adding more archived shows very soon...also on the main page added the link to the 5/10/08 Jellicle Literary Guild highlights, about an hour of fun to be heard there...lastly, all of the Cenacle PDF files on the main page now open with a tabbed index at the side of the page, for easier navigating....

Last night I wrote a long letter to Senator Barack Obama, which will be in the next Cenacle, due out next it, I told him he has raised our hoped near the end of a very bad decade, and having done so, I believe we will get him elected...but that having done so also means expectations that he not sell us out are very high...simple: he won't, but if he weakens, we won't let him...we will work together...I have faith, hope, whatever word of power and vulnerability fits best...

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