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Soulard's Online Notebook 2006

july 1, 2006
11:16 a.m.
seattle, washington

this second volume of the site's 2006 notebooks begins with a delighted bang! uploaded to the archives listings on the radio page are shows for: 10/10/04; 10/17/04; 4/3/05; 4/10/05; 4/17/05; and 4/30/05...getting these shows ready for the archives and then uploaded has been an unbelievably long process, and so much satisfaction in them being there...a long-range goal to be uploading shows to the archives much closer to their live airing date...this recent effort a throw toward that end...YAYYYYYYYYYY so much work!! done!!

july 21, 2006
9:10 p.m.
starbucks-university village
seattle, washington

tonight decided that it was pointless to post the info on the past two weekends' radio shows since they are passed, so a good moment here's tomorrow's show in advance, here tis...typing on my macbook pro, Eurydice, who had a bum battery just replaced and now working all fine...and a Starbucks somehow a free wi-fi stream nearby, go figure it...

past two Thursdays KD and I taught a desktop publishing class at ZAPP in Seattle, that was some fun...slowed our progress on creating final manuscripts for Burning Man Books now resume and push on ahead, even before BM is the Portland Zine Symposium, our other show-up with books to gift out...

people sit here relaxed, with their problems, some small, maybe some great and sad, and I think nonetheless of the Middle East where tonight some don't have homes, some cradle their dead loved ones...of the poor places in New Orleans where like tragedy solution but the hard ones, give up a little, sometimes a lot, for goals of calm and content almost poisonous to some aspect of the human some deep dark tongue within us, sorrow and pain taste good, really good...i have no other there another?

august 5, 2006
3:45 p.m.
seattle, washington

many days late updated radio page...not another radio show til early September...the yearly swallow of summer to preparing for No Borders Bookstore at Burning Man on the other side of the arc toward the much to do...

september 8, 2006
8:43 p.m.
seattle, washington

back from the desert, eighth summer out there, it was quite a trip´┐1⁄2our travel through the Oregon Outback Scenic Byway coming and going was lots of fun, all sorts of scapes, including a underground cave made from a volcano near Bend, Oregon, on the way back´┐1⁄2the Burn week was pretty great, shilled out at least 1200 books´┐1⁄2survived the heat when it came and the prettiest white-out when it came´┐1⁄2saw some fantastic art and met some really nice people´┐1⁄2good days out there, once again´┐1⁄2

so naturally after days and days on the road and the wearying highs of desert camping the first thing I want to do on getting back to Seattle is work more´┐1⁄2hehe´┐1⁄2this week I´┐1⁄2ve been putting myself back into shape, writing, readying to resume radio show, readying more content for this site´┐1⁄2tonight updated radio page for this weekend´┐1⁄2s broadcast, glad to be back to it´┐1⁄2.

the American congressional elections are this fall and it looks like six years of nightmarish rule by fascistic lunatics is continuing to find its way to conclusion´┐1⁄2the little king has nothing left in his shout bag but trying to summon old fears´┐1⁄2he is pathetic, still dangerous with his finger on the button of the military, but still pathetic´┐1⁄2that all said, nobody opposing him is taking anything for granted come Election Day or before that´┐1⁄2if he and his criminal cadre can steal power for a day more, they will try´┐1⁄2vigilance is all in the coming days and weeks´┐1⁄2those with Empire ambitions let go of their control ugly, very ugly´┐1⁄2

september 12, 2006
7:12 p.m.
Cafe Vita
seattle, washington

More work on this site, keeping my vow so far...big update is Burning Man Books #43-48 on the No Borders Bookstore page...these six were the new ones for Burning Man 2006, and a really excellent group, including Raymond Carver, Carson McCullers, EE Cummings, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Albert Camus, and the eighth anthology of writings on psychedelics....

9/11 came and went yesterday, and many measured the psychical distance of five years as centuries-great...I lived in another world then, one traces of which can be found on this site in old notebooks, but otherwise pretty well gone...I wrote at this site on September 11, 2001: "today jetplanes crashed into the world trade towers in new york city...and another hit the pentagon in washington dc...and there were other hijacks...who did it? i dont know...this country is free in many ways, not free in many others...has friends and enemies around the world...are the chickens coming home to roost? i don't know tonight..."

Five years later I don't pretend to fully understand any of it more than I did that day...but I hope that the open ongoing wound of Bush Perpetual War is going to close soon, and the countless damages he has caused can begun to be repaired...some can't, ever, but some can...that's faith, about as good as I can offer...more soon...

september 17, 2006
11:11 p.m.
seattle, washington

tonight updated radio page information for show broadcast yesterday, trying to keep up better...not a lot else to report yet, though several projects are about finished...another weekend is concluding, and the workweek pends but I'm happy to say I'm OK with it...been working out a balance in my mind between Art & job, giving to each & benefitting from's not easy, a ceaseless balance of this & that, but it can work...

september 20, 2006
9:38 p.m.
caffee vita
seattle, washington

tonight added The Cenacle | 58 | June 2006 to site, man, just freshly done in these hours right now, took a long time to get to this point, it's a good issue, i'm proud of it and tired of it both...i've got lots of fixtion and poetry in it, of course, and then there's ric amante's poetry returned to the pages, and some GC Dillon fiction, and some Jude Haggai poems, great stuff, and some graphics, and two reprint essays, it's a heap fun and it's the pimping online begins, heh...also adjusted the link for the No Borders Bookstore Burning Man Books zip file, small but necessary to do...KD is traveling to see kin so instead of partying i swim in code but to good ends...partying is for when the work pauses it's soon to do...

september 25, 2006
7:00 p.m.
seattle public library
seattle, washington

this month has been an obsessive push to get work done after a summer devoted to preparing for the PDX zinefest and Burning Man...I cast into this month simply intent on catching up lots of other work...newest ripe fruit is the debut of the first dozen Many Musics poems...a series begun several months ago, with no set deadline or number of poems...gonna let them roll out till...also updated radio page, trying to not be too late on it...

KD traveling to see kinfolk, I had this past weekend to myself, went Friday to see Medeski, Martin, & Wood, an acid jazz band I've liked a long while and heard were kicking in concert, and they were at moments, and at others they were dull as dust...home later, I put on some Phish and remembered my touring days with almost painfully deep fondness, love really, some music is like that...Saturday night I found myself riding my beloved old bike way long across Seattle, sometimes pushing uphill as one does in this city...and letting myself roam deep in my private spaces and memories, there was a moment, pushing uphill, when the streetlight above me went out, and all was dark for a moment...scary, creepy, but then I stood there, made myself, and waited...nothing happened...we craft it ourselves, this life, and others do too, and there's a strange helplessness to it sometimes...and sometimes not...

september 30, 2006
2:27 p.m.
seattle, washington

what a month of work and here is the finale of it...added to radio page three more archived show: 5/7/2005; 5/14/2005; 5/28/2005...also updated for this weekend's show, which is going on right now, strangely enough...

I need a day off...hehehe...

october 12, 2006
8:25 p.m.
seattle, washington

new month, not so new, but here goes, added last weekend's radio show description, and also added to the psychedelic links page a link to Nemo's Utopia, a great site for psychedelic art...KD and I met Nemo and his wife Emma at Burning Man 2006, nice folks, great artists...Nemo and I had met previously at BM, but this time we talked at length and exchanged contact info...his site is worth looking at, worth patronizing...

the US congressional elections are just weeks away, it looks hopeful, but who the fuck knows...we seem poised to de-claw the king by sweeping many of his minions to the curb, but who the fuck knows...this appeal to everyone who wants some semblance of American sanity back here and round the world: vote for the Democrats, every last one you can, on all levels...they are not miracle workers, and one day we may have to sweep them out too, but we have to begin to bring down the lunatics...if we don't, their drive to global apocalypse will continue its now-clear course...VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE

october 16, 2006
11:07 p.m.
seattle, washington

simple update this time, that being the radio page for this past weekend's radio show...the election draws nearer, looks hopeful, so many are naturally quaking at what the lunatics in charge are going to do to steal it...i'm wondering if maybe they don't have the juice left to do it this time...republicans are going to jail left and right...their core is not holding as even the religious right is realizing that there is no sense of Christian or any other kind of decency in the criminal cabal currently running the joint...they need to be defeated, there is no next time around...

october 24, 2006
8:34 p.m.
seattle, washington

update of radio page for last weekend's show, thus a run of seven shows consecutively ends, and this weekend KD & I travel down to Oregon to look around, maybe some future digs await there right now unmet...

the US congressional elections are now two weeks away and the bastards are either going to blatantly steal it or lose ugly...nobody knows if this country is going to have a genuinely democratic election, that is the pathetic truth...taking both chambers would put people into a genuine delirium, taking the House and closing the gap to little or none in the Senate would still make people crazy we wait this still a democratic republic? or is it a fascist empire, teetering and pathetic, but nonetheless one that no longer regards one-person-one-vote as sacrosanct to its societal mores?...i'll next be writing very close to the election...

november 11, 2006
10:48 a.m.
seattle, washington

new issues of The Cenacle so obsessing my time that my radio update today is for last week's show, but here tis, and the next soon...

i wrote the following earlier this week and spread it round, it sums all i am feeling right now:

We have lived inside a five-year long nightmare only to wake up to the best politics could offer us up in a new dream. We have a new congress composed of all sorts of our people, a rainbow of opinions and backgrounds and passions. Capturing the Senate means that Bush is no longer King, no longer even a pretender to that false ambition. His bloated control on the government ended in the course of a very long day...a beautiful, terrifying day...

Terrified is how I feel. It's like a trust has been raised up between us and the new Democrats coming in, as well as the ones remaining in Congress. We want to believe in more than government again, we want to believe in EACH OTHER. We have pointed them toward what we want, now they have to make it happen. We have become great worshippers of the promise of the Constitution as we saw it cut to pieces by fascist petro-lunatics. Now is the time to get it right again.

Terrified because Bush is still there, still stupid, still an arrogant alpha male who truly does not believe that things have changed. Firing Rumsfeld was a gesture, someone told him to, probably Darth Cheney. He intends to keep his War, keep his belief that he is right, he is the Decider, the rest of us should go about our business.

Our business, Mr. Bush, is what you should be concerned with, and because you weren't you are lamer a duck than has been witnessed in decades. Nobody will stand by you, nobody will recall in happiness these past five years, or tout their progress. Nobody. Not any person in the world.

You are alone tonight, Mr. Bush.

The rest of us? We're together, for this beautiful fucking moment, five years in the making, if not decades. Nobody knows what is going to happen. We're happy, we're blind, we're hopeful at last.

november 25, 2006
12:56 p.m.
seattle, washington

this morning, finally, FINALLY added The Cenacle | 59 | October 2006 to this site...very excited, this issue was too long in the making but is really good, features writing & art by people KD & I met at Burning Man kicks ass, for as long as it took to finish...

also updated radio page to last week's show...this week, on vacation, taking a's been a good year of lots of work, coming toward its last much more to go, whoot!

december 4, 2006
8:15 p.m.
seattle, washington

tonight added last weekend's radio show description, this month is begun with me simply vowing to write and publish more, and spend the month caring in ways that are constant, stumble, get up, stumble, get up!

my health is become a matter of note, diet & exercise of prime importance, and yes, I have, this last week KD and I turned our eating habits around suddenly and finally, and I've been walking to beat the band, but I think there's the mental component to all this that says, work, and work, and work, and work...and spend those free hours hard and well...seems so goes...

december 8, 2006
9:28 p.m.
Caffe Vita
seattle, washington

on time this week added radio show description, happy about that, the year is hustling toward its end, and me with my idea of projects to complete, and writing to do, and meanwhile the little King's last lickass Congress has finished what little business it conducted in 2006, good riddance! don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya! Heh...more soon...

december 18, 2006
7:31 p.m.
seattle, washington

added a few days late radio show description for last weekend, final radio show of 2006...there may or may not be more updates here before year's end, it's been a long one, long arc, but it's ending more hopeful than's to the next year bringing a measure of peace & purpose to all...

december 27, 2006
10:19 p.m.
holyoke, colorado

traveling with KD to her family's house this week for the holidays, i'm not sure which i care to celebrate myself, except by way of the happiness people get in gathering and giving presents, and so on...also on vacation on work, needed that one too, it was a good long year of stability but kinda burnt...

this morning added Many Musics #13-24, updated from the initial dozen back in September...this will likely be the last update to this site before year's end (said that before, i believe)...traveling back to Seattle near New Year's Eve, perhaps into more of the kind of heavy snow arrived to last was nice waking up to snow the first day i was here, missing the four seasons weather of new england...

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