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Soulard's Online Notebook 2004

july 22, 2004
1:37 p.m.
seattle, washington

this morning finally posted Cenacle | 51-52 | Winter 2004…long road to get it online but burning man pends, kd and i still working out travel plans...excited...both of us working, that's good....

come fall, hoping to do work on this site more often but doing it as possible...trying…

november 17, 2004
12:41 p.m.
seattle, washington's been four months since this site has been updated...twas in part that i wanted to add meaningful content, not simply links...links are fine, but they do not constitute a substantial web presence...this morning added pdf files for the most recently finished Scriptor Press Samplers...#2/2000, #3/2001, & #4/2002...the first Sampler, from 1999, is not ready to be added yet, though a place awaits it...& a place awaits for #5/2003 when it's ready the rest of this entry explains where i've been...

KD & I spent the summer preparing to go to Burning Man 2004...we did this while adjusting to living in Seattle, with each other, working customer service retail-type jobs in order to pay for our trip...the new Burning Man Books were made in our home, from start to fini...I named her Scriptor Press Assistant Editor as a matter of course...and could not ask for a better one...and we did indeed get to BM, via the Green Tortoise Bus, traveling down with a couple of dozen people, fun trip, became like a little tribe for the extent of the week...i suppose some tribes are not longlasting, but it doesn't matter, it was beautiful, harsh, night KD and I walked into a late night duststorm to find a camp showing movies, one i'd gone to other years...never found it, but watched a scarved soul on the open playa open out wholly to the storm...lovely...we shilled books at center camp, that was fun...slept twined in our tent against the oft-cold nights...i made a brief peace with an old was a wonderful week...

since then we've worked, we've spent our Sundays journeying through the city, movies, parks, coffeehouses...slowly i've gotten my work habits back to par...the last poem of the Nocturnes, very last one, has lingered not quite has the new Cenacle...finally i took a break from both to get the Samplers ready to upload...and hence this victorious morning...i hope it won't be so long til next new work...i intend that it won't be...last thing: there was a night, deep in journey space, when i bid someone goodbye for was time...

november 18, 2004
10:22 a.m.
seattle, washington

second day of work this week, happy for this...decided it would be best to have the cenacles be one file each, not multiple parts each...a very little HTML re-coding and now the 5 current issues are in one-file format, and their cover images are clickable, easy as possible to download, happiness...hehe...

working bookstall shill job yesterday nonetheless thinking over the hours spent anew on this site and happy for it...that anyone who can get to any kind of 'net-linked computer can see this site, can see the work my friends and i spent our best hours in making...yes, happiness...i want a new job, i want more of a connection to where i live, want, want, want, want, but for a moment, satisfaction in this work, happiness indeed...

december 3, 2004
1:06 p.m.
seattle, washington

this morning added 6 x 36 Nocturnes, VI, #36, Lasting, xxxvi, Cry...the last of the 360 poems in this series begun 4 1/2 years and 3000 miles ago...begun a very long time ago when i was living the last year of some other life...this last poem was one i worked on all summer, writing and re-writing and mixing in lines and words from many other poems, over & over, at it, at it, til it reached its crescendo this week when nothing else was as important, i had to finish it, and this morning about i dunno 2 am did, the version in my notebooks is now the final here it is posted...

still trying to find better work, it's not easy to do so, the world is meaner & more selfish than ever...there is beauty, there is goodness but damn sometimes it's hard, things hurt, difficult to keep from pulling back from any live exchange...that's the challenge, i suppose...let the Empire perma-war infinite fear win, or no...i still say no...

december 21, 2004
3:32 p.m.
seattle, washington

today exciting news...i've added the three most recent broadcasts of my radio show, "within's within: scenes from the psychedelic revolution w/soulard"...i started doing this show back in january 1999 at radio free cambridge in cambridge, massachusetts, it was low watt FM radio...then in 2000 at allston-brighton free radio in allston, mass...that was low watt AM and eventually webcast my show is on spiritplants radio on the web...the archive added to this site today marks the greatest availability of this show to date...thanks to my friend Alfie in UK for the web space to make it possible...

kassi is back in colorado visiting her family for the holidays...i've been working on a lot of scriptor press projects while she's away and on my days off...i miss her a lot, and the best thing to do is to work hard during her absence to make the time go well...soon going to add a great deal of new material to the site...long year, but ending up...

it's now 5 pm or so and in a spate of energy i have gotten judih haggai's book spirit world restless onto site...we put it together this past summer, her in israel, me in seattle...the fifth in scriptor press's raibooks series...exciting to have it available online now!

december 23, 2004
5:52 a.m.
seattle, washington

six years after starting the no borders free bookstore at black rock city, nevada, the annual home of the burning man arts festival, the three dozen books that currently comprise the bookstore are available online to all in cyberspace...this is very exciting, the first time these works will be available year-round and outside of the's late as fuck and i'm exhausted but the week of work to make this happen have finally come to fruition

my 2005 new year's resolution is to find a way to work i can care about and do full-time for a living...i haven't made many resolutions over that year, but this year i have a mission to accomplish...wish me luck...more soon, though perhaps not until the new year has begun...

december 24, 2004
2:24 a.m.
seattle, washington

revamped the front page, partly by creating a separate page for the scriptor press authors' works, by deleting the green party, online library, save the rain forest, and literary links...some will be re-located in time...meanwhile, the page is shorter and more coherent...

been a good week for this site, it is much better than it was just a few days ago...more content, more kinds of content, and some extraneous parts excised...if this is the last work of the year, it is ending on high note...peace...

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