Soulard's Online Notebook 2000

july 24, 2000
5:04 p.m.
harvard business school publishing
watertown, ma.

gosh, it's been nearly three months since last update...i've been working at HBSP...i've been in a coma at times...i've been painfully awake at times...i've seen Phish six times, including a weeklong trip out to indiana and ohio to see them out there...

but now burning man 2000 is less than five weeks away...and many scriptor press projects need many adding link to psychedelic links page a start in getting back to this among the many...there will be much more work...and soon...peace, out, for now :)

july 27, 2000
10:46 a.m.
harvard business school publishing
watertown, ma.

today's updates are somewhat sad ones, on the news from boston page...curious liquids cafe is between homes...and radio free cambridge is on hiatus...i think c.l. will be back soon, even as soon as this friday, but waiting to for RFC, the only good news to report is that the station whose ashes it emerged out of a few years ago, Radio Free Allston, is now back in business (and legit by FCC standards this time) as Allston-Brighton Free Radio...

six days into the five-week final drive to burning man 2000 and work is getting done on a daily basis...Scriptor Press will soon be publishing Joe Ciccone's first book of poetry, North of Jersey...other projects are under way too...i've even been thinking about how to make over this website to higher standards of design...more on that soon :)

august 2, 2000
9:36 a.m.
harvard business school publishing
watertown, ma.

i am pleased today to add g.c. dillon's fine science fiction story 'fechtner played fiddle barefoot'...this story can also be found at muse is a good online sci-fi journal...

burning man draws ever closer...yesterday i received permission for time off from work...since then i've been searching for a good deal on a flight to reno, nevada, the nearest sizable city to the black rock on scriptor press projects to be brung to da desert proceeds...slowly...i leave on the 24th or 25th so time is ever shorter...but happy to add to this website even this close to the date...not sure if there will be any more additions this month...but maybe!

august 8, 2000
10:27 p.m.
newman road
malden, ma.

ok it's late and i did alot today for this site but earlier on...lessee...i added hyperreal to psychedelic links page and, sadly, deleted PSAT link...added the mothernyc link to literary page...fixed link colors...i think that's it...will come back here to fix *this* if necessary...hehe (it's the next morning and i remember what else: i proofed 'beauty, afflictus' and fixed several errors)

burning man draws ever closer...and my preparation goes on nightly...sigh...tired...tired...ok nuff for now...peace out

september 15, 2000
11:04 a.m.
harvard business school publishing
watertown, ma.

ok after too long back to new work on this site...added 'a reader's guide to underground press' to psychedelics links page...and i have to change date of burning man link...

burning man 2000 was insane...awesome...difficult...wonderful...came back to yukky job...which is going to permanent so i have to beg to keep it...but saw Phish this week three times so that helped...they were wonderful too...fall tour 2000 last for a year or more :( ...anyway website awakened and more due asap...

it's 2:39 pm now and i've just divided this notebook into two files because it was too big to be one anymore and still be rules's done...*peace out*

september 25, 2000
11:08 p.m.
newman road
malden, ma.

tonight i added psychedelic page link to church of gnostic luminism...there's alot of good material at this site...well worth visiting...tired...not alot to say except going to try and add weekly to this site again...*peace out*

october 7, 2000
12:45 a.m.
newman road
malden, ma.

i am not or at least have not been for a long time a political person...but have just added to main page a link to the green party...the party of ralph nader...the man who was shut out of even being in audience of gore/bush presidential debate in boston this past week...muchless participating as should have happened...this link is not to his campaign but to the party he currently represents...because my endorsement is not exclusively of nader but of the green party in generally...and of breaking the two-party system in the country once and for all in favor of a more open system...i plan to vote green this fall...but this fall's election is just prelude to so much more that is coming...whether bore or gush win, it doesnt so much matter...something new and irresistible and wonderful is coming...and it cannot be stopped...

october 9, 2000
12:05 p.m.
harvard business school publishing
watertown, ma.

finally fini adding part 3 of mark shorette's fiction 'wherefore'...hoping part 4 coming soon...not sure what move next...would like to do SO much more with this site...need more time and more knowledge...gonna work on that...

october 30, 2000
10:56 a.m.
harvard business school publishing
watertown, ma.

added 'Bibliographia Studiorum Psychedelicorum: Explorations in the Psychedelic Experience' to psychedelic links page this morning...had been wanting to do at least a bit more work on this site before month's end...found this site linked at

ok so listen on oct 10 i met this girl online named leni...she is one of the best things to ever happen to me...she's an artist, a healer, a beautiful woman...and i feel positively miracled to know her...i hope next time i add to the this notebook i'll have more to say...but even to type her name is wonderful...leni leni leni :)

more soon...all my work is going in right direction...soon the radio station i DJ at, allston-brighton free radio in boston area, may be webcast!!! cool freaking stuff!!!!

november 29, 2000
10:27 p.m.
newman road
malden, ma.

'the doors' movie is on tv...damn fuck shit...jim morrison pressed hard hard hard til he broke...but the door broke least 4 of them ;)

leni leni leni :) . . . gone gone gone...and her fate will be one of my life's enduring mysteries. . . o i loved her. . . maybe this is what i was supposed to do. . . show her love so if she did not indeed feel hope she did not completely feel despair anymore. . . goodbye, leni. . . blessed be. . .

now the news. . . and it is good. . . her name is erika and she lives in montreal and she is a self-proclaimed brat and has named me, with affection, her phreak. . . and today she turns 25 with chagrin and bemusement. . . and damn she aint no fucking fantasy. . . she is real. . . and she FUCKING RULES. . . and tonight i wish her happy birthday and send her all my phreaky love :)

ok lastly added to psychedelic page 'send a psychedelic greeting card' for fun, for the hell of it. . .more soon. . .*peace out*

december 16, 2000
10:24 a.m.
cote st luc
montreal, PQ, Canada

this morning added Barbelith Underground to the psychedelic links is a site connected with the grant morrison comic book series 'the invisibles' a kickass series worth finding...the site contains similar themes...underground activity, radical free thinking, psychedelic serious fucking fun, and so on...just starting out but looks promising...

sitting here in the bedroom of my Muse/Goddess Erika who i come to dis ferrin land to see...she is watching every word i type which is very funny and sweet too...the music on her puter is a trancemix station off of which in AmeriKKKa sucks for streaming but here in O CANADA is good...

um, nuff for now...bounjour yall from snowy montreal ;)

december 22, 2000
09:07 a.m.
harvard business school publishing
watertown, ma

sadly had to remove fingerpainting link on psychedelic page as it is dead...

it is snowing in boston heart is still in montreal...a girl i dream of sleeping twined with...

'going home...going the water side i will rest my bones...listen to the river sing sweet songs to rock my soul...'--grateful dead, 'brokedown palace'

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