Soulard's Online Notebook 1998

April 2, 1998
6:05 pm
Emerson College
Boston, MA

Last night, as I sat in my bed, drowsing while the "Lost in Space" marathon filled my TV, an advertisement for Internet service came on and caught my brain's attention...whilst the rest of me continued to doze.

I recalled this ad today and, whilst at my school, took the opportunity to look up the 'make your own homepage for free' portion of's site. Several hours later, I have something that is the beginning of a site.

I don't know where this site will go. It has a good links page and it has this page wherein I will ramble on for the fun/etc of it.

But what more? I have been doing The Cenacle now for three years, am currently working on its twentieth issue, and frankly like the print journal media. But, damnit, the Internet is full of goodies, of possibilities, of crazies and geniuses and nuts and salesman and so on.

So, I don't know. But thus begins my experiment with it or, rather, thus begins the portion of my interaction with it in which I go beyond audience member, beyond even composing Internet work for employers. This site is mine and that makes all the difference in the world.

April 6, 1998
3:05 pm
Emerson College
Boston, MA

This site's name has changed because it isn't an magazine, it's a box. Get it? No?

I'm struggling with what I mean, too. The best way I can put it is that a website has physical qualities, physical effects, that books and magazines do not--and vice-versa. The Internet is a place of potentially lightning-quick movement, yet this enacted while remaining in one's seat. So an effective site has to work in the spirit of this--mental trip, physical stillness.

So I'm going to try and present a site that has the quasi-dimensional qualities of the Internet. It will take awhile to get right--a process toward rightness. More to come.

April 7, 1998
11:48 pm
Emerson College
Boston, MA

I just want to say that tonight I hate QuarkXpress though someday it may get me a job--that and I have added to the slim psychedelic links page news of a good town on the continent. This thing will grow, will be news, will carry on. Will develop attitude in time, but that's still coming. "Lab will be closing in 12 minutes" announces the fellow, good, I have to get home to ZombieTown on the quick.

April 9, 1998
7:09 pm
Emerson College
Boston, MA

This site is starting to develop something of a uniqueness. I've slimmed down the 'recommended literary links'--a list derived from work I did for another site--to the sites I really want to recommend. The 'feed your head' page is now decked out in slightly loopier colors befitting the lighter side of its theme. The 'online library' is derived from several sources and reflects my taste in fine literature. The 'news from Boston' is just the beginnings of what I'd like to do much more of--report from my home metropolis to elsewhere. And things now blink on this site...which may or may not prove annoying to some. In any event, I've added some more cool stuff, and more a site now exists here.

It's nearing the point where it's beyond the half-built house stage, in fact. Soon, I'll be genuinely seeking feedback. Not yet, perhaps, but soon.

Psychedelic and subterranean, that's where it's bound.

April 13, 1998
7:47 pm
Emerson College
Boston, MA

This site now has two images to go with its myriad text as today I learned how to import graphics. How cool--just what I wanted to be when I grow up--an English major playing with jpeg files. Anyway, at least it is a little graphicsy now.

April 15, 1998
8:06 pm
Emerson College
Boston, MA

OK today added links for the 'dance at bougival' and 'acid' graphics--as my friend doc b. says, the net should be a place where artistic property is played with a little faster and looser than elsewhere...however, giving credit and a promotional boost is just plain gentlemanly. i also added the island web site to the 'feed your head' list...really good site.

Anyway, i've recorded no traffic to this site save that of my friends--which is disappointing to a certain degree but then again it was only today that i began visiting and interacting with any of the other web pages on 'the globe.' and this site hasn't been all that much until now has pictures and at least some content so that's good.

And it's only been up two weeks! so patience, and persistence, eh? and to anyone who might read this who wants to do a page themselves, i urge the same approach.

Lastly, "From Soulard's Online Notebooks' has been shortened. This is the entirety of it, and the one and only.

May 1, 1998
5:44 pm
Emerson College
Boston, MA

Ok, the semester here is ending and this project is only a month old but i've learned enough techie stuff to be about to really do something good with it. Changes will be more infrequent as my access to computers for awhile dimishes, but they'll be better than ever when they do happen.

May 4, 1998
7:28 pm
Emerson College
Boston, MA

Today I spent jobhunting--specifically, at a temp agency, taking skills tests for MS Word, MS Excel, and typing. 46 words a minute, baby. Since this lab was nearby, I opted to come here and work on this site.

It's coming along, a number of files are almost ready to bring into view--but not yet. Something always goes wrong after a certain pt, and then it's time to call it a day.

So that's what I'm calling it but I'll be back at it asap and do what I can. By the way, today is my 24th anniversary of writing seriously, going back to when I was 10 and began my journal that continues to this day. Groovy, huh?

June 2, 1998
7:16 pm
Emerson College
Boston, MA

It's been about a month since the last entry in this online journal and in that time I've been to Georgia for an indescribably delightful time with my friend the artist Barbara Brannon, and I've been more recently a temp worker at all manner of corporate america carnival shows. Big business, by the way, suck...but does not swallow.

anyway, now i have settled in to a nice dull temp job with decent pay and hope to be there awhile so i can get back to projects like this one. will take some time but in the last hour or so i have done more for this site than in quite some time. i want to fill out the categories that have already been established, and add highlights from my print journal, the cenacle. so bear with it, whomever may be reading this. there's alot to say about what's happening in the world and i plan to say alot as time goes along. right now, i have a hot date with my first love, my black pen, at our favorite joint in cambridge, the au bon pain courtyard. never keep your muse waiting...she'll use you as kindling if you do....

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